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HUB 5 keeps dropping internet for a few seconds

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I have used the Hub 2 in Modem only mode for years and it was rock solid and never gave an issue.

I had an email late in 2022 to upgrade from the hub 2 to the new Hub 5. What a mistake. It just keeps dropping the internet for a few seconds at a time on wi-fi and a wired. Especially noticeable when streaming radio.

So far I have had engineers out twice and both times they said there was an issue and did something.  However it just returns to the issue.  I have tried the Hub 5 in router mode and it still does this. 

I was left with the Hub 2. Can I go back to the Hub 2 and use that in Modem only mode again or will this no longer work or cause issues with my account?

I originally signed up for 200 meg BB which recently had a free increase.  This is plenty fast enough for me and I doubt I use that to its fullest. I have no need for 1GB speeds.  As such will the Hub 2 be ok to go back to in Modem only mode. It is head and shoulders above the hub 5.


Hello again

Unfortunately no I was working from home but had to keep hanging up to take work calls. I start late in the morning so hopefully can call then.

I did try some extra problem solving on Thursday night with the Hub 5. I disconnected everything and checked the ends of all cables looked ok.  I also checked all sockets looked clean and dirt free.  Changed the ethernet cable from the Hub to my TP link router for a new one (Fresh out of packet). I have also set up a Broadband quality check on the thinkbroadband site.  I thought I'd let it run a few days. So far the yellow spikes on it coincide with when I watched a film on Netflix or Disney plus.  Up to today after my fresh reconnection all was good, so I was hopeful.  As of 10 minutes ago I had my first break in streamed radio.  I work from home so tend to notice the drops on radio, teams calls, occasionally on TV.  I still by my own music on CD so the only music I stream is radio.  Radio is my company during a work day.

It is annoying though when it does drop even if it is only for a second or two at a time.  Part of me does wonder is it the wider network and I may have just been lucky not to have issues with the hub 2 and poor luck they started with the Hub 5.  Then I read all the other posts from people having issues with the Hub 5.  I am just worried about going back to an old hub that may break even if it has been so reliable only to find I then have issues with my work.  I work for the NHS from home taking phonecalls for a helpdesk so rely on the internet.

If it helps for a second opinion my network logs are:


Item Status Comments

Acquired Downstream Channel(Hz)339000000Locked
Ranged Upstream Channel(Hz)46200000Ranged
Provisioning StateOnlineOperational



Downstream bonded channels

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID
13390000005.941QAM 25626
21390000005.742QAM 2561
31470000005.542QAM 2562
41550000005.442QAM 2563
51630000005.241QAM 2564
61710000004.942QAM 2565
71790000004.842QAM 2566
81870000004.842QAM 2567
9195000000542QAM 2568
102030000004.942QAM 2569
11211000000542QAM 25610
122190000004.942QAM 25611
132270000004.742QAM 25612
142350000004.542QAM 25613
152430000004.142QAM 25614
162510000003.342QAM 25615
172590000002.641QAM 25616
182670000003.442QAM 25617
192750000004.242QAM 25618
202830000004.742QAM 25619
21291000000542QAM 25620
222990000005.242QAM 25621
233070000005.342QAM 25622
243150000005.442QAM 25623
253230000005.542QAM 25624
263310000005.642QAM 25625
273470000006.143QAM 25627
283550000006.143QAM 25628
293630000005.442QAM 25629
303710000004.642QAM 25630
313790000004.542QAM 25631


Downstream bonded channels

Channel Locked Status RxMER (dB) Pre RS Errors Post RS Errors




Upstream bonded channels

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) Symbol Rate (ksps) Modulation Channel ID
04620000047.35120QAM 641
139400000475120QAM 642
23260000046.55120QAM 643
32580000046.35120QAM 644


Upstream bonded channels

Channel Channel Type T1 Timeouts T2 Timeouts T3 Timeouts T4 Timeouts


General Configuration

Network accessMaximum Number of CPEsBaseline PrivacyDOCSIS ModeConfig file

Primary Downstream Service Flow

SFIDMax Traffic RateMax Traffic BurstMin Traffic Rate
287500061 bps
0 bps

Primary Upstream Service Flow

SFIDMax Traffic RateMax Traffic BurstMin Traffic RateMax Concatenated BurstScheduling Type
27500061 bps
0 bps
Best Effort


Network Log

Time Priority Description
11-02-2023 12:17:50errorDHCP RENEW WARNING - Field invalid in response v4 option;CM-MAC=;CMTS-MAC=;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;
08-02-2023 16:30:34noticeREGISTRATION COMPLETE - Waiting for Operational status
08-02-2023 16:30:27noticeDS profile assignment change. DS Chan ID: 32; Previous Profile: ; New Profile: 1 2 3.;CM-MAC=;CMTS-MAC=;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;
08-02-2023 16:30:24noticeTLV-11 - unrecognized OID;CM-MAC=;CMTS-MAC=;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;
08-02-2023 16:30:21warningDHCP WARNING - Non-critical field invalid in response ;CM-MAC=;CMTS-MAC=;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;
08-02-2023 16:30:19noticeHonoring MDD; IP provisioning mode = IPv4
08-02-2023 16:30:16criticalNo Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-MAC=; CMTS-MAC= ;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;
08-02-2023 16:30:11criticalSYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Failed to acquire QAM/QPSK symbol timing;;CM-MAC=; CMTS-MAC=; CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.1;


Thank you for your time 


My network monitor today is




BQM looks good...

maybe the hub handles ICMP better then TCP or UDP?


I was working on Saturday and had absolute radio streaming (ethernet connected) and the sound stopped twice and once the stream stopped and I had to start it again.  I notice looking at this BQM on saturday two spikes that coincide with the radio stopping between 2 and 3 in the afternoon.


I also noticed yesterday when watching Netflix sound went whilst watching a film again reflected on the BQM with a high spike. About 10pm. This tome the the sound just broke up but the stream continued. Not sure if these are co-incidence or something causing the issue I am getting.  I shall keep watching to see if this pattern continues.  




Hi @trekkiebob 

Thanks for updating us with your BQM and service concerns. I have double checked at our side and cannot see any issues with your hub's specs or any issues in the area that might be causing these issues. 

Was both these devices connected via WiFi or ethernet at the time they were interrupted? 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent


Thank you for coming back to me.

I have only had issues since the hub 5.  The hub 2 was rock solid and I never once had an issue with the hub.  I always use the hub in Modem only mode.

The last engineer visit I had did say if the intermittent dropout kept happening with the Hub 5 I should call and request an earlier hub.  As I still have one all I need is the Hub 2 activating again.

The Hub 5 in a word is Pants!  On these very forums there are so many posts of people having the same issue as myself and wishing to be rid of the Hub 5.  I never had to go through problem solving on the Hub 2 it just worked.  The only times I ever called virgin was each time the contract ended I had to get a new deal.  Now I stress about the overseas call centres and people not understanding my queries!


So far the testing carried out by myself with the Hub 5 has been:

I reset the Hub to shipping conditions (More than once) and set up again as new.  Put it back in Modem mode and used both wired and wi-fi and then get the 1 second dropouts, at least once a day and sometimes 4 or 5 times a day where the network drops for a second at a time.  On a work teams, call the meeting will continue but just freezes for a second, this is through an ethernet wired connection on my laptop.  Online radio listening to Absolute radio will stop and sometimes start again on its own but often requires me to start the radio stream again.  I have tried radio through the radio app on my ipad and through the web site on a computer, Netflix occasionally has a sound break up.  

Disconnect my TP link router and run the Hub 5 in Router mode.  (I forgot how bad ISP routers are.  Wi-Fi not as good and not as many security settings, plus it was slower).  I then sat next to the Hub on an ethernet using my laptop.  Still had issues with occasional drops.

I leave the Hub in router mode but turn off radio and connect my tp link to use the radio from this.  Finally resetting and going back to Modem only mode.  

All tests end up with the second network drops.  When it works it fast and nippy, but so was the Hub 2 which always worked.

I have checked all cables and in the case of ethernet have swapped them out. The only cable I can not change is the one from the wall to the Hub as I do not have one spare.  I believe they are RG6 Coax with F-connectors, but also believe it is recommended not buy your own of these.  The current one must be 10 years old from when I got the Hub 2.  However that cable worked fine on the Hub 2 so I am sure that is fine.

If I restart the network for about 2 days all will be good and then it starts again. I am now in a routine of having to restart twice a week.

I have fully turned everything off and unplugged everything so that any stored cache will go.  Then set up again.

As all these issues only started when I got the Hub 5, this is where I believe the issues are.  Especially as the engineer that came did say as I use my set up in Modem only mode if I still got the drops I should phone and request an earlier model.  If I was later in my contract I would be looking at other options now.  The Hub 5 has sent me from liking Virgin to not!  It would help if phoning was to a uk call centre.  I work from home so need a reliable internet, even if it is slower it needs to work.

I have tried calling a few times but either get caught in a loop with that terrible automated routine or get someone who does not get the idea of reconnecting an old hub, so I hang up after a round in circles call.

Any advice please.  Even a phone number where I can get a UK call centre would help.

Hi @trekkiebob,

I can see you spoke to our team since posting and they offered to book an engineer visit for you but you refused and asked for your old hub to be re-activated. 

How did they leave things with you?

Forum Team

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Thank you for replying.

I spoke to someone on friday.  I was actually on the phone for almost 2 hours.  I transferred 3 times.  I finally spoke to someone who tried some things and after 20 minutes I was on hold.  I was not told I would be on hold I just was.  I stayed on hold for almost 40 minutes and decided no one was coming back to me.  I then hung up.

At no time was I offered an engineer visit.  I did ask if my old hub could be re-connected and was told no as it was no longer on the Virgin systems.  This was before the guy who put me on hold started trying other things.  I have no idea what he tried.  I was just put on hold with no warning.

However after the call I did a speed test and got almost 300 meg speeds.  After an hour or so it had calmed down to the usual 260 meg area.  I then reset back to factory settings everything, my router and the hub.  I have put new ethernet cables in and am watching how it all goes. 

However I am annoyed the call handler has lied and said they offered me an engineer.  At no time was I offered an engineer.  What has happened to Virgin? I have been with Virgin since they were LCL in Leicester, then NTL and then Virgin. The only hassle I ever had was with bills and never network and never customer service until this.  

I can say though that however appalling one of the 3 call people was for having lied about offering me an engineer whatever the last guy did has for now made things work.  I shall see if it last more than a few days.

If not I shall call VM again and hope I can get someone that does not lie and does offer me an engineer.  I shall see how the next few days go.


I just realised it was Thursday when I called.  I have been off this week so lost track of the days.  I checked the call logs on my phone.  First tried Tuesday but got caught in an automated call message thing.

Thursday started at 8:58 Had 3 calls that dropped, 1 minute, 4 minute, 1 minute then finally go a call where I spoke for 20 mins and then spend far longer on hold. I waited on hold for 40 mins so not quite 2 hours on one call but from when I made my first attempted call to the end of the last when I gave up being on hold was 1 hour 45 for the morning.

The guy wanted to look at changing my package.  This I did refuse as I have a good discount on what I have and do not wish to pay more if it wrecks the discount.

I would have jumped at an engineer visit.  I am so annoyed (trying to word this politely) that they said I refused an engineer.  I will be looking into how I can make an official complaint on that point.  I am fuming at that.  All I want is a working internet connection that does not keep dropping.  It may only be a second when it happens but is annoying all the same and a hassle if something stops.

I am not happy with Virgin and right now would not recommend them. I have in the past.

Hi there @trekkiebob 


I am very sorry to hear that you feel this way and I would be happy to take you into a Private Chat so we can raise a complaint for you. 


I will pop you a PM across now, please keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right corner of your screen alerting you to a new message.