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Game Disconnects due to suspected Packet Loss

Settling in


I have recently started playing DAYZ and I keep getting disconnected from servers that have the lowest latency possible? 

My latency will be on average 20-30 but at points will go so high the server will show offline and I get booted out?

If i Spam click refresh on the refresh button again the server, it looks like this 20>24?20>20>20>20>30>26>24>offline>20>24

This being DAYZ that small drop is not just a lag spike in game, its a full disconnect and sometimes loss of items. 

I have also noticed youtube and other streaming services are affected, but this just results in maybe low quality for a moment, or a slight buffer which I could live with, but NOT being disconnected from live online games where I may Die and lose all progress due to this. 

I have tried everything I can this end. 

Reinstalled game, removed all mods and reinstalled. 

Rebooted and reset router,

Checked all cables router side, 

This is happening with 2 different PC,s and I have this hardwired and via wifi with same results (not that I expected anything less from wifi, but do not expect this on my Hardwired LAN connection. 

I am monitoring a BQN via think broadband and can already see packet loss, but is this my line or device? 

I can share a link to the BQN if needed but It wont let me paste the link here "invalid HTML was found message"





Use the link below to check the Packet loss on your connection.

Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see Packet Loss / Jitter / Latency at the VM Hub and at your PCs.

Settling in

Thanks for the link, and the reply

This is the result, there is no packet loss showing (but is this not just whilst the test runs?)


If I run a continous ping against the servers I do see timed out requests, I have also seen packet loss in the BQN checker on think broadbands site 

This does make me wonder if its just an intermittent fault on the line? 

Virgin site cant even run me a check as it just chucks this out each time 



Alessandro Volta

Check the BQM site for the correct live link. It would be good to see that. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.


The Realspeed results are very good.

Suggesting the issues lie much further in distance than between your home and the local VM Data Centre.

Settling in

Thanks again for the info, 


the BCQ tool has picked up another packet loss, although today seems much less than previously.

I have been onto virgin, they tried to run a line check and instantly booked me an engineer?

They say they cant even see the line check results their side which is quite concerning to me, but it does line up with the results I see when trying to check my survice on the VM website. 

Last night, I could not hold a connection for more than 5 minutes, however trying again just now, I was able to stay connected for 30 mins before I disconnected from game myself. SO something has improved, but why / how and what an engineer may find is now a mystery to me 

BQM tool*


Suspect the packet loss is an overloaded game server and you will be much closer to the root cause.

Settling in

I wish I were connected to the game server when I had this AM,s packet loss, but it was just running on my PC with nothing than browsers open 

Up to speed

Going by that short bqm graph you seem to be having the same issue ive been having for months with the little red spikes at the top



Also when you want to share a BQM graph make sure you click one of the below first, it will hide your IP address for you to post safely.