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Definitive Guide to setting Modem Mode and recommended routers

Tuning in

New Volt Hub (5?) on the way.  Unlikely it will support port forwarding for SMTP (port 25) so I have two choices; move my mail server to Google/365 or buy a router.

Is there a definitive guide somewhere that would help me set up the Hub and router correctly and which router should I use?



Does it matter?  Hub 2 or 3?  3 or 4?

Not really - the hub 4 and 5 have more D/S channels (31 as opposed to 24 for the Hub 3 and 6 or 8 for the Hub 2)

The hub 2 was a fantastic piece of kit - they seem to have steadily got worse - Not sure how the Hub 5 rates.

Hub 3 - Modem Mode - TP-Link Archer C7

If you have the new 5x hub there is no modem mode option in the menu. In this case type in the address :-

and continue from step 4.

Alessandro Volta

so @maxthegold you have modem mode working with 5x hub?


No afraid not. Looks like I spoke too soon and committed the cardinal error of opening my big mouth before testing was completed. It seems the only bit of modem mode in the 5x firmware is the page itself there doesn't seem to be anything behind it or if there is it is not activated by this page. It just steadfastly refuses to connect to Virgin.

I bought Nighthawk x10 back in 2017 (£400) and it’s been running smooth as butter ever since, truly a beast of a router, best money I’ve ever spent. I’m upgrading to 1Gbps from 350Mbps next week so hoping it’ll run okay…I’ve only ever ran Virgin’s routers in modem mode… since that’s going to be the case again does it matter if I get Hub 4 or Hub 5?