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Connect App not picking up wifi when scanning

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Hi, I know this topic has been posted about before. I have a couple of wifi blackspots in my house, especially the kitchen and second bedroom. However when I connect to the wifi to start scanning on the Connect App, it just tells me I'm not connected to the internet and so doesn't complete the scan. I'd like to order a wifi pod to see if this helps, but without completing the scan, I'm not sure how to do this. Any advice?



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Hello @beerbellybilly,

Ensure that your device (phone or tablet) is connected to your Virgin Media WiFi network. Close the Virgin Media Connect App completely and then reopen it. Check the WiFi signal strength in the areas where you're experiencing blackspots (kitchen and second bedroom). Ensure that the Virgin Media Connect App is updated to the latest version available. Review the app's permissions on your device. Make sure it has permissions to access WiFi and network settings.
Ordering a WiFi Pod you can contact Virgin Media customer support via phone, live chat, or their website. Virgin Media may also offer an assessment of your home's WiFi coverage to determine the best placement for WiFi pods or other solutions.

Thanks for your help Brandon. Appreciate it. I'm now trying to order a pod online via live chat.