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Can I have 2 internet lines in 1 house?

Joining in

So currently I have the 1gig package which has worked flawlessly since having it installed. I have my fibre line come into my living room where it works great. Heading into the other 2 bedrooms is where I have the problem of poor speed and noticeable lag while gaming or buffering on kids tablets. I have 2 boosters which are working but I haven’t noticed much difference since having them.

My question is, could I have another fibre line installed in one of these rooms and move my router into the room when needed? After a shift change at work the bedroom seems to be the only place I get to enjoy my gaming and it’s a struggle to play online as well as the kids having the buffering issues in there other room.

Id like to if possible keep the other line active incase of any changes and needing the router back into the living room .

I’m no expert but I’m assuming it’s to do with the thickness of the walls in the house.

Thanks for any help in advance.


Fibre optic

There's no point getting two virgin lines put in and swapping modems around the house. Although physically possible, it's not designed to work this way.

Rather than running fibre and sticking a modem on the end, you need to run Ethernet to where you need, and then stick WiFi Access Points on the end.

Alessandro Volta

You could have two accounts and so two fibre lines, but you'd pay double. Far better to run an Ethernet cable from the hub to the bedroom. Even if this entails drilling through the ceiling and lifting up a floorboard or two, it's a one-off expense.

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