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Any tips for connecting a Virgin Media Hub 5 to a Mitsubishi air-conditioning/heat-pump unit

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Apologies if this is a bit obscure and convoluted.

At hiome we have VM broadband delivered via a Hub 5 router. There are also a couple of VM's mesh repeaters for coverage.

We've had a Mitsubishi SRK25ZSW air-conditioner/heat-pump installed. It's in a part of the house which is covered by the repeaters and there is a decent signal in there (ca 300Mbps).

The Mitsubishi unit is supposed to be able to connect to WiFi so it can be controlled remotely. We have been unable to do this. When I spoke with the air-conditioning company they asked "Ah. Are you on Virgin Media by any chance?" and told me that they had this problem elsewhere with VM networks. Currently they don't have a solution.

So, has anybody successfully managed to get one of the Mitsubishi units successfully connected to the VM wifi?



Some customers find it helps to turn off the 5GHz Wi-Fi from the Hub 5 for a period just leaving the 2.4GHz band running, this ensures your mobile and the 2.4GHz A/C unit will be on the same Wi-Fi band during the setup process.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

This may not work as the pods require both bands I believe and you are trying to connect to one of them. The best long term solution I can think of is to buy a cheap Wireless Access Point, wire it into the hub, disable the 5Ghz band, set the SSID name different from the hub and then connect to this new SSID. Just during the set up of the ac/heat pump you may have to join this new SSID on your phone, but afterwards you can forget it on the phone.

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