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yet more problems with contacting virgin

Just joined

problem 1:
Virgin has blocked and it now gives their usual "site blocked" 504 gateway timeout aka censored.
I see no court orders for this so it is their choice. I do not use non-free speech sites...and yes it works with a VPN but I have no wish to constantly have to use a VPN just to access basic services nevermind pay extra to circumvent some hidden "virgin"'s lunatic genocidal tendancies.

therefore Problem 2:
I cannot cancel my account as the chat is usual, no one answers the usual...and by past experience all the phone line does is make you wait 30mins before telling you to use the chat...and yes i've tried logging in, makes zero difference. no i am not installing any "virgin" branded apps on my phone so they can track me, no chance. it is bad enough that all our data lives on IDF owned liveperson webservers based in Tel Aviv....

literally the worst internet company in the UK if not the world. I'm going back to Plusnet as soon as I can cancel. i will never return.

so how can i cancel???


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi ih8vrginmedia,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear you're having some issues accessing this site, we've tested it from here and it seems fine, have you tried a different browser?

If you're want to cancel, this isn't something we assist with via the forums. You would need to contact us on the one of the following-

Call: 150 (free of charge) from a Virgin Media landline or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone
WhatsApp: +44 7305 327 112
Write: Please use the address in our Terms & Conditions: