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i signed a 18 month contract for home phone and broad band in march this year

i am emigrating abroad in november. how do i cancell with no exit fees.

ive read an article

Virgin said the hugely welcome move could save customers “up to £240“, which is nothing to sniff about, particularly as it occurs during a time when the cost of moving has just hit a record high. Unless, of course, you were hit with this charge just before today’s announcement – that’s no doubt going to be annoying, but somebody somewhere will always get caught out like that.

The only catch is that customers will need to provide proof of their new address with a wide range of readily-available documents accepted, including mortgage and rental agreements, utility bills, bank statements and driving licenses. Otherwise, any old person could fake a house move in order to exit their contract early and penalty-free (we suspect some individuals may still try to abuse this)

is this correct

thank you


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Carrie95 😂

@Carrie95 wrote:

Okay 'very insightful person' 😂 what happens then if you're moving to Sweden with work and personal details are confidential due to your line of work? 

Unless you can show VM proof that you are moving to an address within the UK  that VM do not cover then if still in contract you would be charged early disconnection fees. 

Taken from the linked page in my previous message, "If you’re moving outside our network area but still within the UK and give us some valid evidence of your new address, we’ll credit you back the early disconnection fee. "

Are you still having internet issues as per the thread  you started?


Are there any known reported issues  in the area of Northern Ireland that you currently reside in?

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i am moving to Australia so i called VM to cancel my BB which costs £26 per month and they said you have 8 months to run and it will be £150 to cancel ,