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Hello, I wanted to file a complaint and express my great dissatisfaction with the way your employees work and behave with customers who pay for the Virgin Internet service. I would also like to resign from your services as soon as possible. On February 13, 2024, I purchased a router from you with monthly fees of £27 and the first month free of charge. The contract clearly states that for 24 months the bill will be £27 per month and after 24 months the fee will be £54 per month. From the date of purchase, i.e. February 13, 2024, to May 23, 2024, I have not received any invoice from you, nor have I received any information that could give me access to the online account. I received my first bill on May 23, 2024 and was charged £88.50 for main service. I don't know what main service is, I haven't used anything like that, I haven't purchased anything like that. After receiving this bill, I decided to write to you and asked you to explain where it came from and what it is. In the following days, I wrote several more e-mails asking for clarification, but to this day I have not received any answer on this subject or an answer to my question where are the bills from previous months and why am I charged with payment for the first month of using the Internet if the contract includes it says that the first month is free of charge?? I also didn't receive any response. Instead of an explanation from you, I received three more bills each for a different amount .This is fraud and does not comply with the contract concluded during the purchase. The contract signed with you contains the CHANGES DURING YOUR CONTRACT section in which it is written: 
We may increase our charges under this agreement at any time. We may also change our terms and conditions, the equipment and the services that we have agreed to provide to you. Subject to the exceptions described below, if we do any of these things and the changes are not exclusively to your benefit, we will notify you of this and inform you of your right to cancel this agreement without paying an early disconnection fee by giving us notice in accordance with Section N (or Section O if you are an customer) of our terms and conditions.
In addition to changes that are exclusively to your benefit, if we make: (a) changes to the equipment or services that are expressly permitted under the terms of the agreement, or to certain cost-based charges (e.g. paper billing charges or international call rates) in a way that is not likely to materially disadvantage you; (b) purely administrative changes that have no negative effect on you; or (c) changes that are directly imposed by law, or where we have a legal or regulatory obligation to pass on cost increases, we will notify you and you will not be entitled to cancel this agreement within your minimum period without paying an early disconnection fee. If the changes we make relate only to an add-on, any cancellation right will be limited to that add-on only. If the changes we make only relate to a supplementary service, and those changes provide you with a right to cancel that supplementary service, we will notify you of this and inform you of your right to cancel the affected supplementary service and the agreement for your core services without paying an early disconnection fee. Any cancellation right will be limited to where you are already signed up to that supplementary service. Please refer to the full Virgin Media Terms and Conditions for further information. I received absolutely nothing from you from February 13, 2024 until May 23, 2024. No bill, no information and no answer. I wasn't informed about anything, I was charged for something I didn't have, I didn't use it and I didn't buy it without any explanation. I don't know if you employ idiots, thieves or fraudsters because everything points to that. Is this what you teach your employees? I am downright outraged by this situation and apart from this complaint and the e-mails sent to clarify this, which were completely ignored by your employees, I will write a complaint even higher and I will try to publicize this situation by reporting it to the local newspaper, thus helping others who find themselves in a similar fraud situation.

From the day of purchase to this day I have not had access to the online account, it is fully managed by third parties. Only and exclusively access to my online account via the Link sent by a third party. I was a bill payer for 5 years when I had a previous internet contract which ended a few months ago, but there was never anything like that for 5 years where my online account was managed by someone else, a third party set up an account for me which he fully manages, I don't have a password, no I have a login, which is scandalous, this is what fraudsters and thieves do.  There is still no response to the complaint, the Internet has been turned off, but bills and notifications can still be sent  

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @Kris552,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear that you have had this issue with your contract, with your first bill this is usually a double bill so could explain why this is higher, I would however like to look into this further to see what has happened with this bill, and also go about raising through a complaint with you here. For this I will go about sending you a private message to discuss this.


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Virgin is one big mistake and one big fraud of people who buy something from them. Yesterday they offered to help and solve my case. But their help is laughable and downright pathetic. Every hour a different person comes and claims that the previous one wasn't there. I explained one thing to them 10 times but to no avail and they kept asking the same question and they had been demanding it since yesterday, maybe 5 times. A bunch of scammers who don't really want to help. When I bought the router and the Internet, I received a contract from them, but it turns out that the contract contains something completely different than the invoices and the data does not match at all. Information about the payments was hidden from me, it was not mentioned anywhere in the contract. I bought a router with internet for £27 a month and it turns out that they charge for services that they add themselves, claiming that I will use them in the future. They set up an online account for my personal data, which I do not have and have not had access to since the date of purchase from them, March 30 this year. I received the first and only bill sent to me by e-mail with a link to the account on May 23, 2024, with penalties charged and a request for payment for bills from previous months to which I did not have access through them. No bill came through the mail as it should have, they turned off my internet, but the bills state that they charge me for providing me services during unpaid bills. A bunch of thieves, scammers and cheaters, and all idiots who don't understand anything.👎👎👎👎👎👎

Hello Kriss552,


We're sorry to hear you feel this way, we can see you're currently in a private conversation with one of my colleagues. We'd ask for you to raise these issues there to ensure all of the details are kept in one location. We will ask for this thread to be closed but please feel free to reply via the private messages.