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changing the account email address

Joining in

Hello everyone,

  The google email address that I used to register my Virgin account has been banned by Google. I was therefore try to change the email address of Virgin account but it ask me to get a code from the banned email address, which I cannot access, to verify before adding a new email address.This is obviously a bug, how should I solve this situation?many thanks



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello TheoShun


Thanks for posting in regards to changing your email address due to issue with the existing one, we're happy to help with this.


The verification email is for security reasons, this is to help ensure the person looking to change the email address is the account holder and it is a legitimate request. We can help with this but would need some more details from you. I will send you a Private Message to get some more details from you to assist. Check the envelope in the top right of the forum when signed in for the message.