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Wrong Account been changed

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Hi I am having issues trying to explain to the Virgin media agents over the phone that my Virginmedia contract has been changed without my Authority. I have been paying £38 per month for my bundle without any issues and In April went up to £41.34. Yesterday I got a text message from my Bank that an unusual high direct debit was due to be paid. When I looked it was Virginmedia for £191.I could understand it as nothing as changed or though I thought it hadn't. I quickly logged into my Virginmedia account and viewed my bill and to my horror saw the charge. When I looked into it on the 19th April someone had upgraded my contract. I rang your yesterday to explain and all they did was change my package to £60, your agent didn't understand what I was saying. I rang back to complain. When I have further investigated it I can see that there is an email address that has been sent the contract for this change to which isn't my email address. Could it be a possibility that when this person has either upgraded/joined Virgin my account has been incorrectly altered. In the meantime time I'm £150 out of pocket (if you take £41.34 that I should have paid) and that your agent said they would credit my account, to which this is not acceptable.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey corinnej61, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am sorry to hear about this.

It does sound like some of your discounts may of come to and end.

The documents you mentioned about the new package does it state £60 and a new 18 month deal on there?

I can also see you've spoke to the team about this.

Did the manage to help recently?

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi No that's not right. My discounts on my original contract was to end in June to which I would have contacted you then. This £60 contract is the one that your Agent set up after my first conversation. This all stems to this contract that was wrongly taken out of my account. Can you trace somebody's account by their email. Please can somebody contact me by phone so I can explain better as I feel like I'm going in circles. My contact number ends in 0010

We can't organise call backs from here sorry we are a digital base team only.

Just to confirm some things but we take this to DM.

Your new contract should be £60 per month, but its currently showing £191 per month?

Please remember do bill a month in advance,, so for example if your discounts ran out it would show a higher amount.

One more questions you should be getting a credit of £41.34?

As mentioned we can't offer a call back but we can look at offering you a DM if you would like this? 

If not you can reach out to us many ways which can be found here 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Yes please. 

Okay no worries, please do look out for it.

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?