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When should I cancel my contract?

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Hi All,

My contract is expiring this month on 25th Feb. I got theor email about giving them a thirty days notice and about early cancellation fees. It was a bit confusing to be honest. I have decided to move to community fibre. Can you please let me know when should I call them to tell them I am not gonna need a new contract.

Thanks in advance.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi g12erald 

If I were you I would call immediately.  Your contract won't expire on 25th February, that is probably the end of your current minimum term and discounted pricing. From that date onwards you will be on a 30 day rolling contract paying full price (until either cancelled by yourself or you negotiate a new deal)

Ideally if you had wanted cut  your ties with VM on 25th February then you should have placed your cancellation request on 26th January.

The 30 days notice starts from the date you give them your cancellation request.

If you were to cancel today (6th February) then your account would be closed on 7th March.  

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