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What use is Homeworks?

Joining in

I pay a monthly fee for Homeworks. My wife can no longer access her Blueyonder email account - probably a password issue. I reported the issue on Monday. First line support couldn't resolve and raised a ticket for second line - 5 - 7 working days. Then I remembered Homeworks and the priority care offered.

I called the gadget line. They could not fix it and said that as a ticket had been raised there was no more they could do. So what am I getting for £10 a month? 


Alessandro Volta

@Crimlaw2 wrote:


<snip> So what am I getting for £10 a month? 

Support on your devices at home it would seem along with (maybe) some priority if a VM tech home visit is required for any VM-related issues.

Looks like any VM-related issues are covered under the usual VM T&Cs