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What's included in '(Light) Mega Volt Bundle'

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We've just renegotiated with VM and have signed a new 18m contract that the Contract Information sheet describes as '(Light) Mega Volt Bundle', We were under the impression that this contract included an O2 SIM, that was covered by the cost we pay to VM. The call handler explicitly stated this (on WhatsApp) when we asked for confirmation. However, the contract started 11 days ago and no SIM has been delivered. How can we find out what the contract includes? The VM account website just shows the old contract details, and the VM phone menus do not allow us to speak to someone who might be able to clarify our contract. O2 cannot help without a phone number or contract reference.  


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello SteviedD


Sorry to hear of the issues relating to your package and what's included, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums and welcome to the community.


If you took a Volt deal, this comes with an O2 SIM as part of the deal, information can be found here along with the benefits included. If you have been able to set up an online account, you can view your package and cost here, you will also receive a bill each month. The bill will include any promotional discounts currently on the account, they're value and the date they're due to expire outlining the package cost after they end. These can be viewed here



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Hi StevidD,

If you want to speak to someone select the "leaving option" when calling and speak to retentions.