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WIFI Disconnection Error from Virgin Media Being Managed Badly

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Virgin Media complaint & require internet to be reinstated ASAP.

Virgin Media disconnected our internet for over 24 hours (and counting) because of a ‘so called’ request received from the new tenant moving into our apartment on the 30th of April 2024. We are still tenants in the above named address until April 18 2024. We received a call from a virgin media rep on the 4th of April at 11:44am informing me (account holder) of this request to move the new tenants internet, in which I specifically refused the move on the ground that our contract is still active and we still live in the apartment.

Fast forward to the 9th of April at around 6pm, we noticed that our internet had been disconnected. Our first call to rectify this was that same night. We called the helpline and were misdirected by one of your agents who told us that there was a problem in the area and our internet would be back up in 30 minutes. We went to bed without internet hoping that we would have internet back up and running in the morning. We woke up around 6am on the 10th of April to find that we had no internet. At this point, we went on the app and saw the message ‘Your internet has been temporarily disconnected’. This was bizarre as we pay our bills on time through direct debit and have NEVER missed a payment.

We tried to call Virgin Media, your phone lines were off. We called at 8am on the dot and were put through to another agent who obviously didn’t know what he was doing. We were put on hold for minutes at a time by this agent after going through your security questions and then he informed us that he was going to pass us across to the collections team. We were transferred and then the line went dead. We called again and again and ended up speaking to 2 of your agents who informed us that the new tenant had forced a closure on our account and moved his internet to our house. This is a request we had specifically refused on the phone (4th April) almost a week ago and it was neither communicated to us via phone or email that our internet would be disconnected. By 9:30am, I and my wife were supposed to start work as we work from home. We were unable to do so as we had no internet and were still on the phone to your agents who told us that they would need to get authorisation from the new tenant to cancel the move request.

WE ARE IN CONTACT WITH THE NEW TENANT, AND WE HAVE PROOF OF HIS EMAILS TO YOU, VIRGIN MEDIA REQUESTING THE MOVE OF HIS INTERNET ON THE 7TH OF MAY 2024 AND NOT ANYTIME IN APRIL AT ALL. We are therefore perplexed at the lies your agents told us regarding why we were disconnected. We had no internet for the whole day and spent a combination of over 4 hours on the phone to multiple agents later in the day trying to get this resolved. My wife had to go and work in a nearby cafe while I went in to the office. This was around 1pm in the afternoon as we waited for the internet to come back up following the false hopes presented to us by one of your agents.

We spoke to over 7 agents on the phone but obviously none who was qualified enough to resolve the issue. Extremely frustrated, unable to concentrate at work knowing my pregnant wife was in a cafe and uncomfortable, I kept calling your helplines and was told that authorisation would be sought from the new tenant to cancel the move request. We finally had internet again at 9pm on the 10th of April. We went to bed thinking the worst was behind us but as I type this complaint, it is 11th of April, 3:23am and I have woken up to see that the internet has been cut off again. Thinking that I would have to go through the distress of not having internet for another day, and having to call your agents while I should be working is extremely frustrating.

I intend to take this up to the highest authority. Your services are horrendous to say the least and your agents, highly unhelpful. It seems that they have been trained to ask security questions only.


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I’ve spent countless hours on the phone to VM over the last 36 hours. Ive been told that my VM account has been “non pay disconnected” due to a move that is occurring into my current address in May.

Virgin media have acknowledged their fault as theyve disconnected me 3 weeks early. However, my internet access has still not been reinstated. Can someone please assist with this ASAP.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Dbazzy, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear about this, also a warm welcome to the community.

I can see after this post you've contacted us over social media and the contact centre.

Did the team help in resolving this at all? 

Matt - Forum Team

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