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Virgin Media want to change my package mid contract

Tuning in

Hello, I keep getting phone calls from Virgin media that I think is all about getting me to change from Maxit tv to another package. I have problems in understanding the callers as they talk so fast and I only catch about one word in three. I currently have phone, 350Mb broadband, Maxit TV which includes TNT sports, and I pay extra for Sky Sports. I am 9 months through my 18 month contract and don't want to change. As you can guess I love my sports, especially football so want to continue with TNT sports. What we have is exactly what we want. I have asked the callers to stop calling me and let me continue on the contract that I'm currently on. The last two callers that I spoke to both stated that they would make a note on my file to that effect but they keep on comming almost every day but I spot the incoming number and ignore it. There are only two of us in the house, both in our 80's and the service suits us perfectly. Can anyone explain what they are offering and why? Also at the end of the current contract we don't want to continue with an 18 month contract as we are at the stage of our lives where we are beginning to consider a 3 month or rolling contract so that if our situation changes and we have to move then we don't want the possibility of having to pay up any remaining months particularly.




Alessandro Volta

If you don't want to receive marketing calls from VM, sign into the My Virgin Media and opt out of marketing. It may take a while for the change to take effect.

In the meantime, if you don't want to speak to VM, just don't answer the calls.

I am not clued up on the TV packages but there have been plenty of topics on here which advise that the TNT sports has now become a separate add-on item (at a cost). If you renew to a new package I think you would end up having to pay for that as an add-on. Someone who is clued up on VM's TV offerings will hopefully be able to explain better than me. There was a topic about it yesterday, with a reply from the VM forum team, which might help

When you come to the end of your current minimum term with VM, you just automatically move onto a rolling 30 day contract (you just have to give VM 30 days notice to cancel) but when that happens you lose your minimum term discounts and your package price jumps up to the 'standard' pricing. VM should notify you in advance when this is due to happen.

Super solver

Chris you can stop these annoying offshore sales calls here

A rolling contract might indeed suit you in nine months time but expect your monthly payments to at least double. You might find using flexible smart TV app payments for TNT sport etc works out cheaper at that point but you would need to sort out a package downgrade at that time to realise this saving. 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Knows their stuff

Out of contract and rolling monthly VM pricing is horrendous as all discounts negated.

You may find it just cheaper to switch to Now Broadband where its monthly (FTTC or FTTP) but the Now TV side wont have all the channels. Sky Stream also is a monthly service if you go with Sky (so Sky Stream + Sky Broadband). I don;t think Sky do a monthly contract for the Sky Broadband service though.

Typically VM like people in contracts and if you are near or out of contract they start phoning you to get you into a contract again. Carrots like faster speed are normally given, because when it comes to the yearly price increase, the increase would be bigger as based on a more expensive package than previously.