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Virgin Media are liars and thieves

Tuning in

I have had nothing but trouble since signing up to Virgin broadband.

my first bill should have been £45, but they stole 139.99 from my account.

after weeks waiting for the complaint to be looked at and a multitude of emails saying they were authorised to take the payment, they took it anyway - THEFT.

sorted this out after speaking to 9 (yes 9) different people over 7hrs on the phone… note that they will just end the call on you so you have to start over again.

they agreed I was billed incorrectly and that I would need to claim an indemnity against them with my bank (another lie, but did it a way). I actioned this and then immediately called Virgin to pay my bill in full, minus their BS charges. I was advised by their complaints and resolution team that due to their inaction, lies and theft, that my Oct bill was be gratis and my bill for November, they assured me repeatedly, would be £45.

Bill for OCT generated a £0.00 and no direct debit taken.

Come NOV, I get a bill for £88.50 inc. late payment fees… which they have refused to take off (despite my previous bill being 0) and have said that someone will ‘look into it’.

I have no trust or faith in Virgin or their staff as they are, simply, liars and thieves and otherwise incompetent in handling even the most basic of queries.

Virgin customer service is, frankly, not fit for purpose!

they WILL lie to you and then deny anything, they will mess you around with the billing and trying to actually speak to someone, whether over the phone or email, will take hours, if not weeks - just to have nothing resolved and them lie yet more.


I have nothing but regret for signing up to this unscrupulous company and hope my warning will allow others to avoid them. This company should be barred from trading!

note - if Virgin take yet another unauthorised amount from my bank, I will be pressing charges. 

is it too much to ask to just be billed correctly, what was agreed? With Virgin, yes, it is too much to ask.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hello, Althoria.
Thanks for taking the time to create this post and for joining our help forums, a warm welcome to the VM community from us.

We're sorry to see how you feel about our services and the experience you've had in regard to your bills since you started being a customer, we'd be eager to see how to best help out.

From what you explain above, we could have a closer look into what's happened and assist you with any billing corrections required to resolve this issue.

As you're expressing your dissatisfaction about this matter, I'll send you a PM here shortly so we can raise your concerns about the above said and provide with updates/advice on billing too.

Please, check the top right-hand side of our page to find a little white envelope.
Click on this and you'll see my message.

Forum Team

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Tuning in

They’ve done it again!! The incompetency of this company is staggering.


My bill is meant to be £45, but they’ve doubled it and added a late payment charge despite have my issue ‘resolved’ and my last bill paid in full.

Why have you lot done this again, you incompetent fools.


if you deduct the amount you’ve billed me for, it will be unlawful and an example of theft.


I was assured by your complaints team that this was sorted!! 

There is no point replying to Adri_G, since they are 'Retired'.

Hopefully another member of the team pick up this thread.

Tuning in

Breach of contract, liars, thieves, illegal

I’ve had enough of Virgin, I’ve been their customer since august and the have doubled billed me EVERY month.

the last guy I spoke to was nice and he sorted everything out and assured me it wouldn’t happen again, even got a letter in the post confirming this. 

then low and behold, this months bill is double again.

Virgin are liars and thieves and in BREACH OF CONTRACT and UK LAW.


I want my services cancelled immediately and and the time I’ve spent contacting you regarding YOUR mistakes to be paid for, which considering I’ve now spent 17hrs on the phone to Virgin will be a little expensive.




[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Althoria 👋

I appreciate the frustration that this is causing. We're unable to check, or discuss your account in a public setting, so I will re-send the Private Message initially sent by my former colleague, Adri.

Alternatively, if you wish to speak with us through an alternative method, you can find these here.


Reece - Forum Team

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