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Utter incompetence

Joining in

I write on behalf of my OAP mother. She has called me after spending another 2 hours on webchat trying to sort her renewal. 

What is wrong with your company?

We spent several hours in May trying to organise a renewal after receiving your embarrassing high new contract price. Eventually we received a renewal of £48 pm. The contract was emailed over and the text renewal was completed. 

In June, when the new contract was supposed to start, she received a new, higher invoice. I spent almost three hours on webchat, beign cut off because the laughably named customer services team didn't respond and the bot timed out. You denied that she had the contract - which I emailed to you - only to be told that you had no record of it being sent. Then you said you had found it but it had expired. 

After another hour you offered a new contract at £65 pm. My mother accepted this - and has screenshots and emails to prove she did. Oddly enough today she received another bill at the old amount. What a surprise.

Another 90 minutes onto web chat. No record of the renewal quote. No record of the acceptance. Again, I sent screenshots of both plus the web chat. 

After much huffing and puffing this has been resolved. Has it?

I then asked for a refund, as my mother paid too much because of the incompetence of VM. Apparently it is the company policy of VM NOT to provide refunds. How nice. You get to keep my mother's money even though it is your error?

A decent company would agree to stand by their original renewal. You won't even send back my mother's money.

I expect a refund and for you to stand by your original quote. I am happy to send this across, as you do not appear to be able to find it.

I am not entirely sure how your compliance and governance teams allow you to operate this way. 

Over to you,



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello AJT3


We're sorry to hear of the package issues and renewal problems experienced by your mother, we appreciate you raising this via the forums for support. Welcome to the community.


We're eager to look into this further for you, I will send you a Private Message to get some more details from you to assist. Check the envelope in the top right of the forum when signed in for the message.