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Upgrading broadband speed - new contract required?

Tuning in

Hi All, 

I have just received the typical 50% discount offer for upgrading the broadband speed - currently on 350 but thinking of 500 or even 1GB as we have loads of smart devices around - several alexas, smart bulbs, thermostat hubs and so on.

The question is - will upgrading the speed lock me us in a new contract with VM? On the bottom of promotion email it indeed said that new contract is required for 1GB but what about update to 500?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Martinez77 

Welcome back to the community forums. 

Thanks for getting in touch and for your interest in renewing at a higher speed. 

Yes, any changes to your services would mean a new contract agreement, so upgrading and downgrading your package speed would need to agree a new contract. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent


"loads of smart devices around - several alexas, smart bulbs, thermostat hubs and so on."

Did you consider every device mentioned has a very minimal data usage / low bandwidth requirement ?

On our wavelength

hello mate, I'm sure when I done this it was classed as an addon and doesn't mean its a new contract. I'm sure that is what happened when I was on the m350 and received a message saying the same thing then I chose the m500 package and was great speeds. I did try the gig1 package but my devices were the problem and were only able to receive around 500mbps so went back to the m500 and still get the same speed. If you have new devices then you might be able to receive nearer the 1000mbps but many tv boxes and smart tvs cant as they normally have cheap gear inside. hope this helps. 

Thanks - I actually haven’t taken it into consideration. And after doing some research you are correct - it would appear that 350 speed would be sufficient for my current and any reasonable future needs. 

That said the other rationale for going after 1gig option (apart from it’s just extra 6 gbp per month) would be that with it I would be getting wifimax service, which should guarantee a decent wifi signal across my whole household - and it something which I do currently have an issue with in some of the rooms.

Thanks - that’s exactly what I thought - 500 will be just an add on, but looking at first response in this thread - it apparently means new contract too, despite the fact that the advertisement email doesn’t even mention that (it only refers to 1gb option as new contract).

As for the speed constraints - I haven’t even considered that but as per my response to a colleague above - after some research 1 gb would definitely be an overkill speed wise. However it comes with additional perks such as wifmax, which for extra 6 gbp per month felt really appealing…as long as it does what it should do…;)


Hi @Martinez77, thank you for your posts.

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