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Unlawful default put on credit file

Joining in

I'd highly recommend avoiding VM at all costs.

When attempting to cancel my OUT of contract broadband contract in 2022 which took 3 days telling customer support I do not want to renew as I am moving address and can get better deals elsewhere I was finally able to cancel and informed that I would be billed for the period up until the final cut off date. When investigating said bill it was found that VM were wrongfully trying to charge me and early termination fee although the official contract ended in June and I was trying to disconnect in November. After being told they were in the wrong and admitting that they were at fault the early termination fee was removed and only left with the bill for period that the line was still active.

After complaints were made customer support chose to credit me the total bill amount of £53.27 and or cancel the direct debit so the bill would not taken. Only recently signing up to clearscore I found out that VM have put a default on my credit file in January 2023 for an unpaid bill of £53.27 although CS advised me to cancel the direct debit so the bill was not taken, nor was the credit ever actually received as it was sent as a cheque to the old address.

Trying to email credit file amendments only provides automated responses and responses which clearly show they haven't read any of the evidence provided to them. I'd highly recommend avoiding all VM services or accept that once you have signed up you are locked in with them for life as they well do their best to screw you over.

To top it all off when choosing VM as the provider in the new house under a new contract they delayed the install up to 4-6 months, sent one of their cowboy subcontractors round to the house who in his great wisdom decided to cut all open reach lines into the house which delayed the activation of sky by a couple days. Which then also took another 3 days back and forth trying to cancel the new contract because they couldn't fulfil it in a timely manner.





Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us on our Community Forums @Mutey23, and a very warm welcome to you!

I'm terribly sorry to hear of the error with the credit file and would be happy to see if I can assist with having this rectified for you.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me.