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Unjust impact on credit score - Status 3

Joining in

I subscribed to Virgin in 2021 while I lived up north. I paid monthly as required. I moved house to another town and I opted to discontinue the service because the new location did not have a connection from Virgin. The exit customer service guy convinced me that they could get fiber to the new house in 2 weeks and should wait. That I still consider till today as one of the biggest mistake I ever made. I stayed without internet for 2 weeks. He also told me my bill would remain the same as the old house and my contract tenure sustained. he also said I will get a bill but I should ignore the value of it as it would be regularised.

After the first invoice and second, showed double the fee, I called customer service and after over an hour, the lady on the phone finally understood what I was saying and applied a credit to reduce the amount payable. She said next month will be fine. Fast forward 8 months and more down the line, I made that 1-hour phone call every month I had an invoice as they were unable to fix the billing issue. they always applied a credit to my account.

At the end of my tenure I did not renew the service, the person I spoke to after about 1.5 hours said Virgin owed me some amount. I said but I have an invoice pending, she said it would be applied and that I did not need to do anything. A month after I got another invoice of the same amount £35, I got on the phone again explaining the same thing I did every month and I was told it would be resolved. The third month I got a letter from recovery and at this point, I was tired of making hours of phone calls to reps that would barely understand what you were saying. Meanwhile I never had DD on this account from start. So I paid off the £35 and walked away from the mess. The annoying thing with Virgin Media is you will never get an email from anyone within the organization where you can send your queries to when you have issues. I asked severally on every of those phone calls for an email where I could send my issues to so someone with more technical skills could look at and correct my billing. But no, they will hold your call for 10-12 minutes, return, and start a new conversation entirely. 

One year later I am making an application and I am told I have a status 3. for £35 on virgin media. This is unacceptable and it should be looked into. I could afford to make the payment, I was told not to and that it would be resolved like every other time. 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi mightjohnney

Thank you for taking the time to post here, welcome to the Community Forums.

I was really sorry to hear about the experience you had with your bills after moving home. That sounds like it's been very stressful for you.

I'd really like to help and do my best to get this all sorted. I've popped you over a PM so I can take your details and look into this for you.