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Unable to register for My Virgin Media Account

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I signed up for Virgin Media yesterday and have since received several emails suggesting that I register for My Virgin Media account now. However, every time I try to do this, once the 'I am not a robot' box has been ticked and I hit the Submit/Continue button, nothing happens, i.e. the same page with all completed details is displayed and I can get no further.

Any ideas please?

Thanks, Ruth

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Tuning in

I'm having the same issue. Error message shows up and I cannot do anything to register for an account. I've gone through three emails now and had the same issues a year ago, so clearly nothing's changed.

Until I'm able to access an account, I won't sign my broadband contract. I have every right to be able to view my bills and know how much Virgin is taking from me every month and for what reason.

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eevee99, cjwb, RuthieV, Lancashire_Lad and others

First, the good news, I can now sign in to my virgin media account ! ! !

Second, the bad news – my account was set up for me by virgin support staff and I can only sign in to it using a virgin email address that I did not want to have and will not use for any other purpose. This is possibly the reason why so many customers are reporting problems? It looks as if you have to have a virgin email address to register your account, so if you haven’t requested one and are trying to register your own email address, it just doesn’t work.

If you’re happy to do this, i.e always sign in to your virgin media account via a virgin email address, send a message to Paul_DN and ask him to set up your account for you.  He will request details of your name and account number which you can send via private message and will send you back a virgin email address and password to sign-in.

One particular thing you should be aware of is that the registration system requires the use of a ‘strong’ password. This isn’t properly explained on the help screens, but passwords need to be 8 to 10 characters, starting with a capital letter and including both lower case and numerics, There is also additional validation which may reject strings of characters which it thinks are too easy to guess (i.e short names and words). So make sure the system validates your password as ‘strong’ before submitting it.  Otherwise it is rejected, just saying you can’t use it, but without any explanation. Something like a car reg no with some of the letters in lower case and 2 added characters on the end should be fine, e.g Aa99Aaa99. Getting a password accepted at all has been a major irritant to me, so hopefully this advice will help others.

It's taken me a long time to get this far, and I certainly don't regard this issue as now "Resolved". What Paul_DN has provided me with is a viable work-round.  If my fellow sufferers keep flooding support staff with requests for work-rounds perhaps Virgin will eventually decide it's time to finally fix this mess.

Good luck to you all


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You should be able to change your email login under My Profile along with the password Hope it works for you

When I registered my account I setup a Virgin media email address but I didn't use it for my log in name


Tried this, but it didn't work for me. Perhaps we had slightly different problems? Brian

I'm having the same problem. I've been trying for weeks but no luck. I've tried with a new email address and get the errors that some have had about not being able to set the account up right now. The email address I want to use it says has already been taken, I had an account 18 months ago. When I try to reset the password for that though it says username (the email) does not exist!


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I know how you're feeling.... if I was you I'd just send a message to Paul_DN (see my earlier posts) and get him to set up an email address for you. Otherwise it'll be trial & error, just going round in circles with more and more frustration. This system just does not work and Virgin IT support staff seem incapable of accepting this and fixing the mess.


Hi uktim34,


Thanks for posting. I am sorry to hear you're having issues with the online account. From your post, it sounds like on your old account that you used to have with us, your online account that you used to have was using the email address you wish to use currently. Is this correct? If so, we can do a Move and Transfer for you. 


If you wish to go ahead, please let me know and I can assist you further.


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Hi John,

Yes although it was an account I took over from someone in 2011. If it has a virgin media email attached that isn't my name but someone else's I'd prefer to start a new account.


Have you spoken to the team about this issue? If you have they should have been able to register it for you.


If not I would like to look into this further for you via a private message, please respond to my PM and I can take a look into this further.




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I'm unable to register my account also my virgin service been active over a week now. Virgin sort this out as it's ridiculous and embarrassing FYI I work in IT so I wouldn't give me a BS response.