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Unable to register for My Virgin Media Account

Tuning in


I signed up for Virgin Media yesterday and have since received several emails suggesting that I register for My Virgin Media account now. However, every time I try to do this, once the 'I am not a robot' box has been ticked and I hit the Submit/Continue button, nothing happens, i.e. the same page with all completed details is displayed and I can get no further.

Any ideas please?

Thanks, Ruth

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Still not received my welcome pack either but one things for sure they are quick enough to setup your direct debit

Sorry to confirm to you all that it is impossible to register your virgin media account even when the installaion has been completed. This will be the last time I get involved in this shambles unless someone from Virgin contacts me to tell me that everything has been fixed. HOW MANY COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE SAME THING DO THEY NEED BEFORE THEY ACCEPT IT'S A FAULT THAT'S ANNOYING THEIR CUSTOMERS.

Here's my latest update:

My Virgin installation was completed 20 August with no problems - TV, phone, network etc all fine.

Attempted to register with Virgin Media 24 hours later, then again after 4 days (just to give it some chance) – IT STLL DOESN’T WORK, though I have found some different errors than I’ve had before!

When registering, the system suggests a Google password which you can use if you want to. If you do choose this option it then rejects the password as it’s too long. You need to use a password of 8, 9 or 10 chars but it doesn’t tell you that.  In fact it’s impossible to put in a password of any sort if you’re using a non-VM email address (i.e the one to which VM has already sent those annoying emails asking you to regiser your account) as the username. You just get “invalid password” all the time with no explanation as to why it’s invalid.

If you try registering by the longer route of saying you’ve forgotten your password or even your username, you can key in your surname and account number and the system recognises you ok. Sadly as soon as you put in your email address again as the username you can’t get any password to be accepted, even though you’ve told it that you’ve forgotten your old password and therefore will be putting in a new one.

I eventually managed to get right through the registration process by using my wife’s email address as my username (weird but there you go). Everything was going fine through the security and web safe pages only to reach a final screen which said . . .


We are not able to set up your my Virgin Media account at the moment. Please try again later, or you can also set up your my Virgin Media account at the time of your broadband installation. We are looking forward to connecting you to your superfast broadband.”

. . . which was strange as it was using my superfast broadband network (which has behaved itself fine for4 days) to send the screen!!!



1  It is a total waste of time and money for you to develop and maintain the virgin media account management system ans screens for your customers when no customers can get access to them. FIX THIS FAULT OR SCRAP THE REGISTRATION SYSTEM.

2  Spend some money on proper user acceptance testing. The registration process is hardly complex. This problem is so basic it should have been detected and fixed well before the software was ever released to the field.

3  Avoid the registration nightmare entirely by setting up a VM user account for new users yourself at the time of sale. Then use the emails you already send to give the users the sign-in information they need for the first sign-in to their account (i.e username/password). They can then sign-in to update the password and security information for themselves.

4. Choose someone in your IT team to become a new user. Give him/her a laptop and a non-Virgin email address. Let him/her buy some of your own products quoting a non-VM email address and feel the pleasure of the new customer experience.

 .... end of rant

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Many Thanks for letting use know I gave it one last chance and tried registering again still no go.

One thing that worries me is that a password with only 10 characters and combination of letter numbers special characters is only deemed as good and not strong by my password generator VM need to pull their fingers out and get this sorted ASAP Other thing I noticed when I was trying to create an account when I entered a name for my VM email address next time I tried and registered it told me the name was no longer available

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If you look at my previous post you will see that installation of your products made absolutely no difference to this situation. The account registration process is simply unusable. I don't know why anybody ever thought that it would work after installation. Please don't give this advice to any more customers - it just causes even more frustration.

It would be nice if someone at Virgin would register my account for me as you offered.  It would be much nicer though if you could finally fix this problem - you can see that I am not alone in telling you that the registration process and initial customer experience is absolutely rubbish. Virgin have kbown about this problem for ages and done nothing to fix it. Your company should feel very embarrassed. 


Tuning in

Still no response on this?  When can we expect to be able to register?

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I've managed to Register Smiley HappySmiley HappySmiley Happy

The problem is with your password

It has to be between 6 - 10 Characters in length

It must start with a Letter

As far as I can tell it can only contain Numbers and Letters


Good Luck Every One

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One thing Else I've discovered You cant cut and paste your password in

If you use a password generator you will have to type the password in 

Hi A_LancashireLad

Really pleased for you that you've finally managed to register!!

Hope your post solves the problem for others too, but this isn't the problem I've got

The system won't accept any password I try of any length or combination. In fact I'm trying to use a password of exactly the format you described. In my case it's as if I'm expected to type in a password that has been associated with my account by Virgin that I don't know about, and even if I go round the loop of saying I've forgotten my username/password it still rejects any new password I try.

Regards from another Lancashire Lad!


Hi  briank49,


Sorry to hear that you're still unable to register for your online Virgin Media Account and can see that it is understandably causing you a lot of frustration.


I'll send you a Private Message asking for more details, please reply to it so I can try and help you with the registration.





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Sorry that it didn't fix it for you 

When I setup my password I used something like this


Once I logged in I reset it to something more complicated