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Unable to get info about Virgin Media Brodband Account

Joining in

Hi there,

I live in a shared student house and we pay all of our bills through a company called Unihomes, we pay a chunk through direct debit each month and it covers everything, including wifi/broadband. Recently, a housemate dropped out and moved back home, and he hasn't been responding to me, the Virgin account is in his name and only he has details such as the account number. I've been getting charged to my bank by virgin even though my wifi bill should be included in the Unihomes monthly direct debit, I am being charged £25 per month by virgin media and am unable to do anything about it without the details. I have contacted Unihomes, and they said it seems there are two broadband accounts registered to the same house, which shouldn't be possible. I need to get this sorted please! Can anybody help?

Thank you!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @TomE0511,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you have been having this issue, I would like to look into this with you to make sure your only be charged for the right and relevant account, with this I will need to confirm some information via private message.