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URGENT HELP NEEDED,Unable to resolve multiple accounts

Joining in

How can I make a complaint to VM, I have tried to resolve the issue of a duplicate account that was set up in error by VM and there is a balance outstanding of nearly £400, customer service weren’t helpful and did not give me any explanation as to what’s gone wrong, so here goes my story re the issue

I had broadband at my parents address that I moved out of last June, I arranged for my account to be transferred to my new address and all has been fine, all up to date with the billing, until last week when I received an email saying there was an amount overdue of £345, after multiple calls I have found this is another account that was set up for me at my new address in Nov last year when I called to ask for the essentials package, which was granted and my payments reduced, I did not know nor request for a new account as why would I when I already had a package in place, through multiple conversations with VM it looks like the first account was not changed over to my new address as it is still registered at my parents address (I am at a loss as to how this can happen, when someone came to install my VM at my new address in June last year and I have had services since and up to present)

The new account that was opened in Nov last year is registered to my new address, and not had any payments to it as I was completely oblivious to this until I queried the balance of £345, I have tried to sort this out with VM asking to speak with a manager and being refused, then asking for a complaint number and told there isn’t one, can anyone advise what to do next please.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Yaffy1971, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community.

If you have moved house and transferred the account there Should only be one account, are you sure your partners didn't carry this on?

The documentation you got does this state the price / deal you agreed for that household?

Is this bill, could it be for your old services, wore anything outstanding?

We can look at rising a complaint for you for sure let me send you a DM. 

Matt - Forum Team

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