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Two hard searches for one account on my credit file

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Hello, I have a complaint with you, ref removed . I keep going back and forth with your team but there is no resolution (even though I emailed on 30th of May (no acknowledgment either)

In February I applied online for an account under my name - you performed a hard search at the time and sent me a contract via email. I kept waiting for the equipment to arrive and when it didn't after a while I called and was told the account didn't go through because my ex-husband still had some time left on his account at my address, so I had to wait for his to end first before I could open mine. When I tried again to open an account via the phone, another search was performed. I explicitly asked at the time if it would be a hard search and why it was needed again, and I was reassured it would be a soft search and my credit wouldn't be affected. Now Equifax is reporting two hard searches from Virgin Media on my credit which dropped my score significantly when I wanted to remortgage for a new house. Without this, my score would have been excellent. 

I would like these searches removed, it is unacceptable to have two hard searches for a single account opened and I was given misleading information over the phone. It looks like I am desperate for credit for a £33 bill per month.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Daniela_D, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community. I am so sorry to hear about this.

You have done the correct thing emailing the above, they do take 21 working days to reply however they will sort it out.

There is no way to speed this up sorry, but they will reach out within this time frame.


Matt - Forum Team

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I have just been informed by Equifax that Virgin stated they can't remove the searches as they are correct. No, they are not, two hard searches is unacceptable, please look into this.

Thank you for the update @Daniela_D  You may find the following link here useful in regards to how we credit check. Have you heard back from our Credit File Amendments team regarding this since sending them an email?


Forum Team

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Hello, I've just received the following from, did I wait for nothing all these days?


Sorry, we do not pick up mails from this mailbox.

If you need to get in touch just go to


We will send you a Private Message to get some more details from you to assist. Check the envelope in the top right of the forum when signed in for the message.