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Trying to change contract

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Hi all

So after getting a notification that my package is going up by £20 from May the 3rd I decided that I wanted to start a new contract on the 3rd of May (when my contract expires) which is just broadband only for £29.

Online chat was no help, just kept offering bundles even though I told them that I don't watch the TV or use the home phone, and that I just wanted the 264mb for £29. He told me that was a new customer offer only (nowhere on the page does it say for new customers only, called him out on that only to be told they have different "tools" so will be making a complaint about misleading customers). But he only offered bundles which would "save" me money, even though its £84 a year wasted on services I don't want.

Then I call up and that's no help, lady with a strong accent, saying I can't arrange a new broadband only package now, I'd have to wait until the 3rd, coincidently after the deal for 264mb of broadband has finished. When I asked why it can't be arranged to roll onto a new contract on the 3rd (like every other contract, car insurance, phone, house insurance etc.) they muted the line and didn't respond.

Can anyone at virgin answer me why I can't set up my new contract now, how I want it and accept my money for it. Why has it always got to me, a bigger bundle and more money for you????


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us @gpollard90, and a very warm welcome to our Community Forums!

Sorry to hear of the issues with the changing of the package.

We would have to confirm that online deals are only available to new customers, and once expired cannot then be re-issued.

Existing customers can be issued with alternative deals that are available to our agents, when they discuss the account with the account holder only.

When customers have multiple services with Virgin Media, they are more likely to open themselves up to move offers available to them.

We should however be able to make any changes you wish to make on the account, but as we bill in advance, we would require a 30 day notice period for downgrades, with upgrades issued with immediate effect.

Hope this helps,