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Total failure to link VM & Netflix accounts

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I'm not sure if this is the right message board but here we go...
Until I recently started a new contract I paid for my Netflix Standard subscription separately. The new package includes Netflix Standard.
On the day it arrived, I went through the steps on the 360 box to link my VM & Netflix accounts and was told that it had been done. 
I had an email from Netflix yesterday to tell me that my new 'Standard with adverts' account would be starting in
I went on a VM webchat and the first agent told me that I didn't even have Netflix but I could add it for an additional fee! I told him that I was logged into my account and staring at the contract but he couldn't get his head around that and insisted I had no Netflix. I tried again and the second fella told me that I DID have Netflix Standard in my package so he didn't know why I'd received that email. He assured me that it was Standard and I wouldn't be seeing any adverts.
So, over to Netflix and they told me that the account was still registered in my name and with my personal bank details i.e. they had no idea about VM 'taking over' my account and billing. They asked me to check my VM account online and find an 'Activate Netflix' button, which I eventually found under Entertainment Services. I clicked that, got prompted for a code that had been emailed to me, I entered that....and it took me straight back to my account overview. No change at Netflix's end apparently, so I was passed back....
Back to VM on the phone this time. Bad line to India and the agent made me go through the Activate Netflix option again. She couldn't understand why nothing was happening and I kept being returned to my account overview. She then changed my VM account password (don't ask me) and asked me to repeat the Activation - same thing. She then asked me to try logging into Netflix using my VM account details and new password but that just told me I had the wrong password for the email address. It has now (allegedly) been raised as an 'issue' and I'm told that someone will contact me within 5 working days. That's fine but what if they call when I'm not home and not in front of my PC or 360 box!!
Just for a laugh I thought I'd log in to my VM account using a different web browser as I know Chrome can often throw a wobbly. In Edge, the Activate Netflix option actually got a little further and I was told that it was "Trying to connect to your Netflix account" before it fell over with the unhelpful message "Sorry, something’s gone wrong! We’re having some technical issues."
Has anyone else out there had the same pain but somehow got their accounts linked successfully?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey moggyman, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

Does your pre contract documents state this that Netflix has included?

This sounds like you could be subscribing twice rather than getting the free login in.

Do let us know.

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

My contract details (I've copied them directly from the file I downloaded from my account) are - 

Mega TV
Virgin TV 360 box
Netflix Standard
Additional TV Box
Virgin TV 360 Mini box

I don't know what the last 2 items are - I don't have anything extra. I went through the linking procedure on the 360 box on the day the fella delivered it and it all seemed in order. I certainly didn't see any error messages pop up as I would have been straight on the phone.

I did try to activate Netflix using MS Edge again just now but I'm still getting the same useless error and I don't think it's my problem per se. The process just doesn't seem to work.

I obviously use the same email address for both accounts but different passwords. The agents repeatedly had me trying to log in to Netflix using my VM password but their system obviously sees my email address and says "Nope - you're using the wrong password."

Someone must have successfully linked their accounts surely?!

Yes, at the moment it seems that I am still paying for my own Netflix subscription as well as paying for it again in my monthly VM DD. It should have been passed to VM when I went through the process on the 360 box and I thought it had.....but it obviously didn't. I was told by Netflix at the time that if I followed the procedure on the box then VM would take over and my own DD to Netflix would stop. "Easy and seamless" the guy said. I beg to differ..

Apologies for the Netflix issues moggyman, when did you las t speak to the team in regards to this? Do you know if this was raised with our liaison team to check the status with Netflix?

I last spoke to them on a call this morning, roughly 9 am GMT. The line was terrible with a load of chattering going on in the background. I was just told that it would be "raised as an issue" (no indication who with) and someone would contact me within 5 working days. I asked for a reference number for the issue (so that I wouldn't have to repeat all the details should they not come back within 5 days) but allegedly there wasn't one to give. 

I work in IT myself and creating any kind of issue 'ticket' usually spawns some kind of reference number?

All I can do is wait and hope that they call but not when I'm driving or wandering around Sainbury's!

On our wavelength

@moggyman wrote:

All I can do is wait and hope that they call but not when I'm driving or wandering around Sainbury's!

No need to worry about that; they absolutely won’t call anyway!

Hi @moggyman,

I'm very sorry about this. I'm going to send you a private message in a few moments so we can have a closer look over things for you. Please respond to this when you can and we'll proceed from there.



Zach - Forum Team
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