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Terminated, and not a moment too soon.


There's much I could say but Virgin Media are simply not worth my time! Infested with idiots the levels of incompetence defy description.

I'm sure the forum team will never publish my latest response to VM so I will...


Having been with Virgin Media since you took over from Telewest I have decades of experience. In that time you have deteriorated beyond words. Everyone has a breaking point and you have reached mine! I will take the incompetence & downright rudeness of your foreign agents not a moment longer. The fact that you refused, on no less than 3 occasions, to transfer my call to your disconnections team in no way prevents me terminating my contract. Such termination letter has been sent by both email and hardcopy Royal Mail, proof of receipt has been received. Virgin media is despicable & I will have nothing more to do with you!


Goodbye and good riddance Virgin Media!



Knows their stuff

Good for you. 

Do please let Ofcom know all about your cancellation experience with VM 

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

Dialled in

looks like you are well sorted now buddy .. pity VM could not sort you out correctly .. I was with Blueyonder/ Telewest with their empire at Kikby , Liverpool B4 .. today it seems that VM have their hands full of competitors with City fibre . New openreach fibre cabling carrying the contenders and new kid on the block EE/BT .. particularly attractive Zen BB not too far behind ...My contract date is a little bit off at the mo .. but it is nice to know folk get sorted in the end.😁

Tuning in

My sister works for them and she says it's a terrible company even to work for.  I worked for ntl back in the day and that was a joke.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi El_Defensor

Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community.

Were sorry to hear about your experience when calling to cancel the service.

We would be happy to check the disconnection has now been scheduled for you.

If you would like us to do so, please let us know and we will send you a private message. 

We are sorry we have lost you as a customer and wish you all the best with your new provider. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Tuning in

Just cancelled mine as virgins prices rises are mental. I agree with the the offshore call centres. I can never understand them and they struggle to understand me. Took me three phone calls to get through to someone in the UK to cancel. Did not really want to leave but virgin seem to be not giving good fair deals out anymore. Shame as I have been with them for 18 years and never had many problems on the hardware side.

Hi loggo666,

We're sorry to hear you left us. We do hope you consider joining again in the future. 


I did just that.

VM Kickout.png

Tuning in

At last there is some cable competition in our area. And like a lot of people, I'm off.

High prices, awful support, a service goes down way too often, making me renegotiate down from outrageous prices at the end of each term but never getting close to the original term's prices....but they could get away with gouging their customers for too long and now they can't. And the competition is faster anyway.

Expect zero loyalty from me, just like you had none for me. Good riddance I say.

Tuning in

Good for you. They're online chat and call team are a bunch of useless people. I would like to say more here. 5 times I've had to contact them about missed credit!! If it wasn't for the good speeds and solid connection I would be done with them.  It's all good up until you have an issue then it's stress central.