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Suspect email offer

Joining in

This afternoon, I received an email with all the Virgin Media typeface and logos stating that they notice I've got an older hub and offering a Hub 4 at no cost. 

Alarm bells rang... I'm being offered something for free and I don't even have to upgrade or sign a new contract with 4 months left on my current package? Yeah right! 

I checked the email behind the header and it was so was weary of the em. Before virgin media. I did a quick online e search and this virgin community group seems to suggest it's real from a number of posts. A quick call to virgin tech dept and some checks and they said its spam and delete. 

More online checks and everyone says it's real. It states my name, but guess that could have been picked up somewhere. 

Thing is, if its real, firstly why use an email that raises concern with many, and secondly, how rubbish is it if virgin don't even know if their own emails are real? 

Any advice?


On our wavelength

It’s fine; when checking email addresses, always start from the right-hand end. So as long as it is, then it’s legit. The em. is simply a subdomain of the main domain (too many uses of the word domain there!). So basically if I were to own the domain, then I can spin up as many subdomains as I like. However I couldn’t create, say, if I didn’t have ownership and control over the base domain.

In fact, it is in VM’s interest to try and remove older hubs from their system for various technical reasons, far too boring to go into here. If you have anything older than a Hub 3, then they really do want it gone.

Oh and you never spoke or communicated with Virgin Tech department, you spoke to a call-centre worker who alas had no idea or training on what you were talking about and just ‘failed-safe’ and told you to consider it as spam. Which actually was the right advice, although it wasn’t. 

If you see that I mean?