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Joining in

I am having this exact same problem and would appreciate any help. Trying to set up broadband and not having much success trying to get in contact with anyone. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us on our Community Forums @justme27, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the issue you've been experiencing when trying to register for a self-care account.

Can you please confirm if your services have been installed, or is this a case of the service due to be installed soon?



Hi David,

Thanks for replying!

So, I have been sent out a broadband router. And I have that plugged in... but the light is solid orange. It was my understanding that nothing else was required for installation (I got a Quickstart box). But the router only connects to the internet momentarily (lights go green) when I start it up before it drops (lights permanently orange). 
There are apparently some service issues in my area, so I'm not sure if that's affecting things (seems unlikely given that it never connects to the internet.

When I try to set up my account I get the password issue.

I apologise if that's a bit incoherent; I don't really know what is or is not relevant at this stage, and I've just moved into this place so it has been trying getting by without internet. 


Thanks for your time and any help you can provide
Yours Sincerely,

Hey @justme2,

Thanks for getting back to us, with your Hub, when installed depending on the Hub it does usually fade to a dim white light, however in some cases the LED can show as a more amber/orange light and is not usually anything to worry about, however with your MY VM account this is something we can from our side look into helping set up with you, for this I will be sending you a private message.