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Short and sweet it is then. Rubbish Company

Joining in

So, Been with Virgin a while off and on. Been with them for around a year now. Broadband only at the moment.

Logged into my account and saw I could add the basic TV package for £5 extra per month. Sounds good so ordered and received contract documents to check and then confirmation of the order. 7-10 days for box and activation.

2 Weeks pass and nothing. Had 2 online chats with a bot or human. Difficult to tell the difference. Told me it would be £57 per month. Er, no it won't, It's £37. Here it is in black and white (screenshot of confirmation uploaded) They tell me that I cannot have the offer, I am still under contract and that offer is not available. But it's on my account and I have an order confirmation. No, they say, I can't have it. During the second chat and waiting for replies, I check my account again and see the offer is still there. I order it again and upload all the screenshots of order number and confirmation.

If I were sitting in front of the adviser, I'm sure I'd be met with blank stares.  Anyway, decided to lodge an official complaint and a couple of days later received a reply which was obvious it hadn't even been read as they thought I was compllaining about my bill and if I were happy, the case would be closed. A few hours later I received an email saying all was good with my order and the box would be delivered on Saturday 30th March with a delivery notification from Yodel expected on Saturday 30th. Checked my account and there was the TV package added.

Saturday morning came and went with no notification of delivery. I checked my account and the TV package had been removed. Had a another chat online and sent plenty of screenshots of conformation and was told there was no TV package on my account and would I like to add one?   AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH! After the adviser went away, they came back and assured me the TV package was still on my account (It wasn't and still isn't) and my box would arrive on Saturday (It didn't). What an absolute laughing stock of a company. Avoid it like the plague.


Up to speed

You poor sod... and all you want is to watch the telly ... VM total disgrace ... get this fellow sorted ... Mr Ofcom on the horizon .. but hey we dont want that mullarkey ... just a public punter like the rest of us fellows { esses } .. we do not need this aggravation and hestance to de business are VM on a slippery slope tpo thre bottom of the pile ... just sayin 😁

I'm sure we've all had poor experiences dealing with different companies, but Virgin is bar far the most incompetent,

bang your head against a brick wall disgrace I've ever had to deal with. 1.6 rating on TrustPilot says it all.

You're  trying to deal with a company that simply doesn't want to talk to you. It's either a bot or a person that doesn't even work for the company, that's chatting to 20 people at once. If you're lucky enough to get to speak to a human, you cannot understand a word they are saying.  


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've had adding the TV service to the package.

I will send you a private message now so I can help.

Please look out for the envelope in the top right of the page and pop back to me when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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