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Resetting password does not work

Joining in


I tried to access my account recently and system does not recognise already used, stored password. No matter what new password I try to use, all within the guidelines, it always does say it is invalid. I have been with Virgin for more than a decade now, but I am milimeters away from just canceling my direct debit and leaving, especially that as a person hard of hearing I cannot use your phone services and there is no way to talk to someone face to face anymore. Can anyone from Virgin help with that?


Alessandro Volta

VM have changed the ways of login to the MyVirginMedia account and the remaining email accounts.  You can read about this here:

As for cancelling your direct debit, please do not do this until you are certain that VM will not want to charge you for any outstanding amount.  Otherwise they will have no hesitation in putting a default on your credit file that can have very painful consequences, as others have found to their cost.

- jpeg1
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Hi @MariuszL 

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Sorry to hear that you're having issues with your password reset at this time. 
Has the steps kindly provided by @jpeg1 helped in resolving this for you?


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