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Tuning in


i was referred by a friend (my brother) to join virgin media. His account is showing the click but not tracked, called virgin the said to contact aklamio, which I have done by email (never had a reply) and tried to by phone but all you ever get is I have contacted while they are closed seems it seems they are never open or don’t exist anymore, I went with the refer a friend over the pre register reward as it seems a better deal, but reading through this form is seems virgin need to revisit whom they use as a reward partner as Aklamio are giving them a bad reputation.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Dcutts666,

Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to our Community Forums!

Sorry to hear you've been trying to contact Aklamio about your Refer A Friend request. 

It takes up to 60 days for a Referral to fully process and for the code to be added onto your account, so if this timeframe has not passed yet you will need to wait a little longer 😊
Please check our Refer A Friend webpage for more information on the process. 

If you still require help with this then you will need to continue trying to contact Aklamio on 01576 820 030 or send an email to

We're not able to help directly in these cases as we don't have access to Aklamio's systems, they will be happy to help.



That’s the email I used that number just cuts off straight away the number I was given when called virgin media and is always closed is 020 4586 6000.


What happens if after 60 days they still say not tracked do virgin credit both accounts?

Thanks for getting back to us Dcutts666!

Sorry to hear that the number isn't connecting for you at the moment - have you tried alternative days and times?

Hopefully you hear back from the email support ASAP. 

If after the 60 day period has passed you have still had no successful contact with Aklamio please let us know. We wouldn't have a blanket process for these cases, but we can look into it on an individual basis to offer further support with a resolution if needed. 

Thanks for your patience in the meantime! 🌞