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Hi ...My son in law is thinking of joining Virgin and can get an offer off 500mbps for £35. If I refer him, will he get the same offer and the benefit of refer a friend? cheers.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @DG4 

Providing your son in law signs up online by clicking on the referal link that you send to him then he should be able to get the £35 500Mbps broadband offer. He will also get the option to add the /stream tv box which is TV over the internet (there is a £35 activation fee for this)

The information below is from the  page (Refer a Friend FAQ's)

Do I need a referral code?

If you’re ordering online, you don’t need to use a referral code – just make sure you’ve come through the referral link from your friend and you can shop as normal. If you call us to place your order, you will need your referral code. You can’t call up to add it after you’ve placed your order, so make sure you have it handy if you choose to call us.

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