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Re: Is it right that I have to give 30 days notice to cancel even when out of contract?

Tuning in

Just spoken with Virgin, I was trying to give advanced notice to cancel the contract. They're telling me to contact them only on the date of the minimum period (for a better deal). All my interactions have been recorded so looks like I will be due a refund and compensation. Hopefully Ofcom will give them a hefty fine and make them refund everyone.


Tuning in

Absolute disgrace this telling you to cancel on the day. I too have reported this to Ofcom. Hopefully Virgin will be fined millions and have to pay everything back to their unfortunate customers. 

Fibre optic

@chrisaginn wrote:

Hopefully Ofcom will give them a hefty fine and make them refund everyone.

Unfortunately when any big company gets fined by any regulator, it's usually the customers that end up footing the bill. It won't come out of the person responsible's or the CEO's personal bank account. They just put up the prices even more and make the customers pay for their mistakes.

If a company with 6 million customers gets fined £6 million, then they can simply increase everyone's prices by £1 a month which allows them to pony up the full amount within a couple months. As if nothing wrong was ever done.

This mechanism is also really unfair for small business owners. I've seen small business owners make 1 small mistake and their entire life gets ruined.

Hey chrisaginn, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

Are you having some problems trying to cancel? 

Matt - Forum Team

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