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Re: Cancelling my Contract

Tuning in


I wonder if you can help me too. I have been trying to cancel my broadband, TV and phone service all day and have not been successful. I tried the phone and was cut off several times, then told the person couldn't transfer me to the cancellation team. When I asked to speak with their supervisor I was told they would never be available, then when I was asked to speak to the complaints team I was told Virgin Media didn't have a complaints department - something that is actually fraudulent information as it has a dedicated section on the Virgin Media website. I advised that I had a hidden disability as advocated in the accessibility section of the website - I have a rare heart condition that is induced by stress giving me a high risk of cardiac arrest! Notifying thew customer service team of this fact made no difference, they ignored the information and continued to aggressively ask for GDPR information that is completely unnecessary for cancelling the services. I then tried the web chat and have been on hold currently for 4 hours. This is really not good enough and raises a number off issues with Ofcom and Trading standards, as well as breaking Virgin Media's own code of conduct. Please can you help me get the service cancelled? I am really concerned that the aggressive tactics of Viorgin Media, actively voicing a cancellation, could literally be the death of me! Something I never foresaw when I signed up for the services in good faith back in 2002! Thank you.


Knows their stuff

Ofcom would indeed be interested to hear all about your cancellation experience with VM

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @KirstenAH,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you have been having this issue with cancelling your contract, its not the type of service we wish to provide, with this the part about our complaints team should have been made clear that all agents are able to handle complaints directly and thus we do not have a dedicated line to speak to a complaints team. 

Regardless of this I really want to help you out with this and go about discussing this further with you to make sure everything is handled to your satisfaction, for this I will go about sending you a private message to confirm some information.


Tuning in

Thank you Joe for your reply, and for explaining the complaints situation. I have sent you a PM.

As an update to my issue I had a call from the complaints team this morning, and my cancellation is being processed, back dated to the date I made the phone calls, ie 21st February. Thank you to those who helped here. I had also raised a complaint via the Virgin Media website and had written a letter notifying Virgin Media or my cancellation! Obviously taking a three-pronged approach pays dividends. I'm just relieved the matter is getting sorted. 

Thanks for getting back to us @KirstenAH 👋🏼

I'm glad to hear that the cancellation is being processed and backdated to the initial date.
We don't want to see you go but do hope to see you again one day.

Best wishes,
Ilyas. 😇

Forum Team

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