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Pre contract

On our wavelength

I was looking at offers for upgrading my broadband. The increase in cost was more than I wanted to pay so I didn't continue any further.

I have now received two emails with pre contract documents stating that I have taken a new contract for 18 months with increased cost and an activation fee.

As this is something I have not requested can somebody assure me that my existing contract will continue as is please?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Lilacjc,

Thanks for posting on our Community Forums, sorry you're concerned that you've accidentally started a new contract!

Pre-Contract documents are just previews of the offers you've been looking at, there is a button you need to press in order to consent to the deal. If you don't click this and accept the new package within a week then it's voided. 

You can also check that your contract is still the same on your MyVM Account 🤗

I'll send you a PM now so that I can give you the peace of mind you need though. 

Speak soon!