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Poor customer service - VM representative questionned my ability to read

Tuning in

After a 12 month saga of trying to get my 10+ year old Tivo box replaced due to the picture continually freezing, I was sent a new V360 box at the start of May - thanks very much VM!  However, what I didn't expect was an email shortly afterwards from VM advising I was to be charged a £25 upgrade fee.  Whilst this is a relatively small amount, I was disappointed the upgrade fee was never mentioned whilst trying to resolve the problem. I therefore quickly took to the live chat option again (which hardly ever works) to speak to another VM representative. The person I spoke to was very helpful, apologised I wasn't notified and agreed to waive the upgrade fee. I was satisified with the response, however thought I had best take a copy of the chat transcript just in case.

Well I'm glad I took a copy of the transcript. The fee hasn't been removed from my account and added to this month's invoice. So reluctantly I was in the same position of needing to speak to VM again!  The chat link wasn't working today...regular occurence, so I made the error of calling 150 from my 1980's landline. I spoke to a VM representative in a far away place. He understood my query, however advised there was nothing that could be done and the upgrade fee needs to be paid.  I requested the transcript from my conversation on 1st May be reviewed and even confirmed the time of 15:01 when I was notified by VM, that the upgrade fee would be waived. He advised he could see the transcipt but no record of the agreement to waive the fee. I advised I am more than willing to share my copy of the transcript to prove this, however the VM representative advised that wouldn't be possible and I must have been mistaken. Now I might be losing it slightly at the ripe old age of 43, however I still have the ability to read!  We continued to go round in circles for approximatley 30 minutes, during in which time I asked could I speak to someone else who could help. This request was refused but I was told someone would call me back within the next 48 hours.  Well we both knew this is unlikely to happen and I also don't plan spending the next 2 days sat next to the landline in the hope VM will return my call.  

The call then took a turn for the worse when the VM representative thought he was doing me a favour when he offered a £10 credit as a goodwill gesture!  He missed the point. This matter isn't about the money but now poor customer service and the suggestion I was mistaken.

My contract with VM is up for renewal in July and funnily enough the VM representative was willing to discuss this and asked did I want to sign up to a further 12/18 months. My response thank you.  So in conclusion...COME ON VM SORT OUT YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PLEASE, IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS AND DON'T TAKE CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE BEEN WITH YOU FOR OVER 10 YEARS FOR GRANTED.  


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@MarkG5 wrote:

After a 12 month saga of trying to get my 10+ year old Tivo box replaced due to the picture continually freezing, I was sent a new V360 box at the start of May

There's a jump here. Faulty TiVo's are fault-replaced FOC as a matter of course with V6, these run the same TiVo-software but on newer hardware.

Replacing a TiVo with a TV360 is a hardware change, but is also a complete change of box operating software from TiVo to Horizon. This is normally only done if the customer specifically requests it, or accepts an invitation to do so.

Was any of this discussed?

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Thanks for the insight @japitts.  At no point during my converstion to replace the box was I notified of any addtional charges.  If I was, then I would have accepted the upgrade fee as it's a relatively immaterial amount.  The issue here is VM agreed to waive the fee and have now gone back on their word.  

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi MarkG5


We're really sorry to hear of the problems since upgrading your set top box and the charges applied, we understand the concern and appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums. Welcome to the community.


We can see you have spoken to the team today, from the notes it appears this has been resolved. If this isn't the case, let us know and we'll be happy to assist.



Hi Rob

No, this matter wasn't resolved.

Best regards


Hi MarkG5,

So we can help I will send you an invite into a private chat, please click on the white envelope to accept.