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Philippines call centre

Joining in

I’m a full time carer for someone with quite substantial needs. So when an issue with virgin arises I always wince a little at the prospect laying ahead of me. 

I am absolutely shocked at how bad things have gotten though! In the last three days I’ve spent a total of 11 hours on the phone to the Philippines (sometimes India and Cape Town too), spoken to over 20 different people, had 3 manager call backs that never happened. Hung up on a dozen times or more, and when they don’t hang up they just leave the call muted. 
I desperately need to speak to someone about a complicated matter that isn’t from the Philippines. Call me racist I honestly don’t care, it’s boring at this point. But each time I try to resolve this I’m subjected to the never ending loop of being hung up on or muted and having to repeat the process all over again. Does anyone know of a way of speaking with a manager in the uk so I can try and get some urgent help?


also I’ve made an SAR for my 11 hour marathon. Anyone fancy sending me their ‘best’ Philippines calls and I’ll make a compilation and post the link here.


Alessandro Volta

If you are able to give an outline of the issue on here it helps the VM forum team when they reply to know what the problem is to do with. You may get other suggestions from other forum regulars.

You are less likely to get a reply here in 'Community Natter' as VM people don't often reply here. If you are able to outline the issue a moderator or VIP may move your topic to the appropriate forum to get a reply from VM.

Hi. I appreciate the advice but I have no intention of sharing personal family matters with the internet. All I asked is if anyone knows how to speak to a manager in the uk. 
With regards to VM they’re absolutely incapable of caring and thus taking ownership. The only way I’m going to get a result is to get a uk managers name attached to my ongoing complaint. 
Thanks 🙂

Hi there @NTHellVet 👋 Welcome to our forum and thanks for your post 😊

We're sorry to see that you've not had the level of service we'd expect. We'll certainly be happy to assist further so look out for our PM.



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