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Payment taken via Direct Debit for July when contract ended June 30th. How do I get this money back ?

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I ended my Virgin media contract in June but they took the payment for July and said that this is credit? On the  last bill I got it said CR £67.99. Does this mean they’re paying the amount back to me? The bill date says 4 July 2024
. I have since moved away from this place so i read online that they will send a cheque to the address for this however I wont be there ??? Also is there any way I can get the money faster since it has messed up my budget significantly and I can't really afford to wait 30 days. Any help regarding this would be much appreciated




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey 7yvzKBxG, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am sorry to hear this.

Please remember we do bill a month in advance and bill right up to the day you get disconnected. Once this has happened we would get the kit back off you and send you any final payments, once this has been paid we would send any refunds out via cheque form within 45 days.

Matt - Forum Team

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How can i let them know of an address change of where to send the cheque ?

You should of let them know at the time of the the disconnection, did you do this?


Matt - Forum Team

New around here?