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New contract

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Hi. I am approaching the end of my current 18 month contract, having been with Virgin for 13 years. Every 18 months I go through the pantomime of giving my notice to leave, waiting a week or so for a callback from retentions. Agree new deal, rinse, repeat. 
is there an easier more civilised way to agree a new price for the next 18 months or must I go through the motions? 
many thanks.

a very happy virgin customer. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Whitegloves 

You can sign into /my-virgin-media and see if any deals are available via your online account, or if available use the online chat messenger link there..

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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It's a weird way to do business isn't it? Imagine going to the supermarket and finding out that a box of tea bags was priced at £20 and that you had to go the store manager to say this is wrong but they won't reduce the price so you then go to an offshore call centre who offer you a price of £10 but this is still too expensive so you hang up and leave the supermarket but then they call you a week later to offer the tea bags for £3.49 which you accept. This is what I go through every 18 months with Virgin Media and it's a tiresome process which wastes hours of a few days and it's no wonder people are switching to streaming (which is probably what they want anyway).