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New contract without my permission

Tuning in

On January this year I start being bombarding by virgin media about my current contract will go to the and it's a best time to upgrade my package and I have been offered new higher broadband speed for little bit more monthly costs. I was happy with that as I thought it's a just upgrade with new monthly payments out of contract. Unfortunately Virgin media not only upgraded package but they put me in new 18 months contract which I absolutely not agree. Now when I told them I would like to left they service they tried to charge me over 600 pound upfront pay. To clarify there wasn't any new cables or router installed. They just upgrade broadband speed, but I'm found it's still not suitable for me that's why I decided to change provider. It's a absolutely ridiculous that they put me on new contract without my permission. I was sure it's just upgrade service I will be able to finish this with 30 days notice without any additional fees as my contract was completed. How to resolve this problem as I'm as normal customer can't be charged 600 pounds for cancellation new contract which was created by them when I was only agree to upgrade broadband speed.




I cancelled an upgrade within the 14-day cooling off period and VM said I had to have a new 2-year contract to revert to my previous deal.  Is that even legal?

VM did not honour my 14-day cooling off period

Thank you for your response. To be honest I Found email from virgin media on my junk box. I  reading all sentence very carefully and what I found there is I got legal rights to go out without any reason or another thing is option to change back to previous package with 30 days notice. It's mean back to old contract and then current which was created by virgin media will me invalid and I will get legal right to finish stay with virgin media as my broadband provider. Also in another email I found welcome pack where I have been told to make sure I'm happy with new contract. Do I send any confirmation about I'm happy with new contract ?? No !!

That's why I wouldn't like to open complaint if possible and in future if decision from your company will be unsatisfied for me I will raise this case with Ofcom and Ombudsman services 

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately what they doing to their customers are absolutely not acceptable. We do not have any new equipment from them, no any new connections done or something like that. It's was simple upgrade broadband speed and they treated this as new contract with restrictions from their side. On this case all Virgin media customers are treated as their owners and unfortunately we can't do anything to be free from them unless we need to pay to them for future service which we try Ty to cancel. There are no any reason from their side as there wasn't any new cost of equipment, installation or anything else done by them. They just click probably on computer option speed up and that it, but this is no reason to recontracted someone who would like get better internet. In my opinion it's should be treated as a typical fraud because they tried charging me now over 600£ for disconnection 

No it's not legal. If you got a proof cancellation with 14 days you can open complaint case and if they refuse to cancel your contract you got legal rights to refer to Ombudsman services to resolve this case probably with compensation from them