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New Contract Taken Out - Incorrect Billing Amount on Bill

Joining in

Hi All

My latest bill upcoming bill is incorrect. 

I took out a new contract on Thursday 15 February 24 online as I was i was offered a new deal and got the confirmation  via email stating the following: 

Order Date:
Thursday 15 February 24
Main services:
Broadband Installation, M250 Fibre Broadband, Phone Line Rental, Weekend chatter
Estimated activation date:
Sunday 18 February 24
Main services total £18*
Current monthly price after your 18 month contract £58*

Virgin Media add-ons:
Stream, TNT Sport Collection
Virgin Media add-ons total £8

Payment summary
Monthly total £26*
Current monthly price after your 18 month contract £66*

The upcoming April bill is showing as £43.91 in my account when I should be the new offer.

Can someone please look into this?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey andrewwk,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your billing at the moment. 

Does your online bill show any reasons for the increase in price? It maybe that your package has been changed half way through the month and you would have additional charges for the part of the month that you were on a higher package, does your bill show any further details?

Kind Regards,


Hi, thanks for your reply.

The bill is showing main services total as £26
Virgin Media add-on total of £18.00 Stream, TNT Sport Collection (10% Stream credit bring that to £16.20)

I have been charged £40.71 for removing services, but credited £39.00 for adding services (the package is the same I was on before though)

The offer I took should be

Main services total £18
Virgin Media add-ons Stream, TNT Sport Collection total £8 

So neither discount are showing on this bill correctly

Hi andrewwk,

There is probably an easy explanation such as pro rata charges, when any changes are made it does charge for 2 periods, from when the change was made up to the billing date then 1 month in advance, if you still believe this is wrong we can have a look for you, please look out for the white envelope to join a private chat.




The last message I received 3 weeks ago said they were still waiting for response from the team but I have not heard anything since 

The upcoming May bill is showing as £42.60 so this is not a case of pro rate charges