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New Broadband Contract - No Documents and No Transcript

Joining in

Hi there,

I have just finished a live chat with someone who offered me a new deal on my contract, which I was happy with and accepted. The pre-contract documents have been received and she assured me everything was in order. I haven't yet received any other documents - can I assume everything is in line to change over in 30 days?

There was also no option to download the transcript, and I clicked out of the chat before thinking to copy and paste it all. Important information had been given to me about subsequent bills which I would like to refer to - is there any way of retrieving this transcript?

With many thanks in advance


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Jk8c thanks for posting and welcome back to our community.

Sorry to hear of any confusion around your agreement. I would like to take a look on your behalf, to help you gain your transcript.  For future reference if you ever use the live chat again, you should be able to select the option for your transcript of the conversation to be sent you.  The option is usually at the left of the chat box and any transcript is sent at the conclusion of the chat.  On this occasion I am going to send you a private message. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right of your screen.



Hi, exactly the same just happened to me. Despite clicking the email me transcript option, nothing has arrived. I need to change installation date and review international calls. Second time this has happened in as many days


Hey DC2024,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your contract at the moment, I would be happy to take a further look into this for you but first I would need to confirm a few details via private message, please look out for my message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,