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Neflix charged via Virgin Media, not authorised.

On our wavelength

Hi, looking for some help.

We have our TV with Virgin Media and to confirm I have never used the Virgin Media - Netflix app.

We have just had our bill from Virgin Media showing a Netflix subscription of £15.99, I have since called up Netflix and we managed to work out the email linked. This is an email we have never seen before however, we do have multiple boxes, but before we start questioning family members could this be an error?

I have cancelled the service with immediate effect via Netflix and also on the My Virgin Media webpage.

I did try calling on 150 but after 30 minutes the line went dead so I tried Netflix as my next best option to get some action ASAP.

My main questions are;

Are we able to get out money back for the unauthorised Netflix Subscription?

How do we prevent any attempts in the future for this to happen?

Does our Virgin Media box allow blocking the Netflix app?

Can you confirm its been removed and no further charges?

How does this even happen, is it a 1 click sign up?

Thanks for your time, await to hear.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Mint2323 thanks for your post here in the Community, although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

It's extremely unlikely to be an error as you would need to input the email address in question to register an account with Netflix.

Unfortunately, we'd be unable to refund the amount as even though Netflix has been added to the bill, the subscription is with them directly so perhaps they would be able to sort this for you.

In regards to the cancellation too, please contact Netflix as unfortunately we're unable to cancel the Netflix subscription from our side.

In terms of stopping this, please (whoever is using the box) steer clear of the Netflix app to avoid this again, as it's not possible to uninstall the app sadly or block this from our side.

Many thanks


On our wavelength

Hi Tom_W

Thanks for coming back to clarify my questions.

I have been delayed in responding here as I have been speaking to Netflix who have basically washed their hands of it and stated its down to Virgin Media to make a refund.

Netflix also stated they are unable to block any subscriptions in the future from Virgin Media.

I have made it clear to all family members about the box and I'm hoping this will not happen again.

I do wish either yourself or Netflix would take control and not keep passing us around, as currently both parties seem unable to help which is alarming as someone is getting the money.

Thanks for your time.

Hi @Mint2323 

Thanks for coming back to the thread.

I'll PM you now to assist further with this dispute.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Alessandro Volta

Netflix sign up is easy via the app on the TV box.

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Have had the exact same problem, which I have been fighting since January this year.

Never signed up for Netflix, don't have TV through VM, but I started getting a bill. My process used to be: phone VM every month and fight for a credit for the next month, then phone Netflix and confirm that there was no account belonging to my email address (on the off chance that someone else had signed up), but I got tired of doing that. So I went to the ombudsman, who then formally escalated to Liberty Global. This seemed to resolve the issue, for 1 month. Now, I am getting higher bills again, as well as notifications that my previous bills were not settled in full - and the Netflix subscription is back on the bill.

So, I would suggest escalating via the ombudsman service and hope for the best. 

I did see that VM has just notified its customers that because prices will go up with inflation, they will allow people to cancel without penalty. Let's see if that is an easy way out.

Wish I could offer you more conclusive help. Good luck!

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Exactly same problem as @legosuit as well...

Never had Stream/Netflix when I had my TV Package and when I moved to Broadband only in July 2023, Netflix was added to my contract without me signing up, authorisation or consent. Bizarre to have a Stream charge when I have a Broadband-only package...

Been charged every month with Virgin Media stating Netflix manage it. Netflix can't track anything with my name against Virgin Media... Hours on online chats and on the phone on a monthly basis, Virgin Media refunded the charges initially (on a monthly basis) but now refusing to refund any monthly charges pointing their finger at Netflix.

Wrote to the ombudsman and hoping for the best. Stuck in a contract without any means of cancelling a service which I didn't request or use but have to pay for - Virgin Media should at the very least waive any exit fees so you could switch provider and avoid being a victim of Theft because essentially it's what this is...