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Moved house account not linked

Joining in

Hello, I moved house in April, and transferred my services from my old address to my new one, and kept the same package but hot a new account number. I now have a new account number, but the old account nunber is still connected My VM account so i can't see my new bills only the old ones from my previous address. I have contact VM several times, and been told they need to do a Move & Transfer, but every time I contact them, I’m told they’re working on it, but nothing’s changed


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Em6 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. Hope the house move went well 🙂

Yeah there would be a new account number as it's a new property but the online account is a Move and Transfer process. Takes 24 hours to do normally so apologies not sorted. I'll send you a PM and we can investigate and hopefully bring this matter to resolution.

Forum Team

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