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More Symmetric Speed add-on woes

Tuning in

Adding symmetric upload to my Gig1 package would be very handy for me so despite the difficulties previously posted about here I though I'd give it a try. (I am on XGS-PON with Hub 5x). As you have probably already guessed I have got precisely nowhere!

The most common response on the chat has been it will cost £18 extra rather than £6 because standard price for gig1 is allegedly £78, with an additional £6 for symmetric speed, but apparently I have a "special" £12 discount which brings it down to £72. My contract doesn't specify any special discount, just a flat cost.

I was also told told there was a "problem" with my account which was causing the cost to be £7 extra, so £13 in total.

I was finally told the only was I could add symmetric speed was to go in person to a Virgin store and get it done there (really useful).

So all in all pretty much par for the course. At least I didn't get Gig2 added or end up disconnected so should probably count myself lucky!

If any of the forum team can clarify the situation it would be much appreciated.



Morning @Roberto88 

Thanks for coming back to us. Apologies the speed is not what it should be.

You will need to call the team on the above number, this is because your system is dealt with via a ring-fenced team.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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I'll give it a try John_GS. I'm not sure I'll get through to a "ring fenced team" based on my previous call to the above number, but if all else fails I'll see if I can raise a technical issue ticket.

Tuning in

A final update on this saga - I now have symmetric upload speed on my Gig1 package, but at a cost. Some things I have learned whilst trying to get this sorted out:

1. I don't think there is a "ring fenced team" as mentioned by Forum Team members above. I never seemed to get through to them at any rate! The general level of knowledge about Virgin Media products within support team (both chat and phone) is variable. This isn't their fault as I expect they aren't trained / updated regularly.

2. The symmetric speed add on isn't really £6/month, well not for existing customers anyway. It seems that taking this add on is a contract variation which makes your existing contract (and any favourable pricing) null and void meaning you revert to "standard" pricing for your package "with a special discount". Therefore symmetric speed actually cost me £18/month.

3. Be wary - if an agent doesn't seem to know what you're asking for the probably don't. The agent who originally handled my upgrade didn't correctly action it so I was charged for something I would never receive. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that this was through lack of knowledge rather than misselling.

4. The actual upgrade was done whilst I was on chat to technical support. The chat lasted getting on for three hours of being forwarded to new agents, and then the agent who seemed to know what he was doing finished his shift before it was sorted. Luckily the next guy also seemed clued up. Once he had explained the contract stuff and I'd agreed to the cost he provisioned the upgrade and it took about three minutes to kick in (including a quick service outage) so in truth pretty straight forward.

The actual broadband service on full fibre XGS-PON is really good (since a few teething troubles were sorted out as we were a new rollout area) and has been solid for the last 6 months. Dealing with Virgin Media on the other hand is very frustrating and time consuming. Hopefully I won't have to do that again any time soon. With luck some other FTTP suppliers will be available in my area by the time my contract is up and there will be some choice. That's not to say I'd would sign on with Virgin again as the product itself works well, but dealing with customer service is challenging and other suppliers might do this better.

So in summary, I have symmetric speed, but I do feel like I've been mugged