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Missed payment on credit file

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There is a missing payment showing on my credit report from Virgin telecom - I had a new bank account opened up in February and have contacted Virgin to update the details on the 4th of March which the phone call was followed by an email confirmation that the bank details have been updated this was done yet for some strange reason they didn’t take a payment in March the 24th when it was due according to the email I have dated on the 4th of March.
I have just checked my credit score which has been excellent so far and I worked for it really hard to notice that I have a missed a payment showing from Virgin...I had money in the old bank account and the new one which was updated 3 weeks prior to the payment due date and yet Virgin money hasn’t requested the payment on their side .. they have collected the payment on the 11th of April instead.
I had no contact from Virgin on the 24th to say the payment wasn’t collected (there was no reason why it won’t be) yet I’m getting penalised for something that’s not my error.
I have only joined Virgin in earlier in the year and I already deeply regret this. I had nothing but problems so far. With poor connection had to order boosters, my online account wasn’t working had to get the IT team to fix it as I couldn’t log in, then when I phoned to speak to someone to update new bank account I was passed about, and the staff were very unhelpful and didn’t seem to understand what I meant by updating card details...asking me several times the same questions.
I would appreciate it if someone can take responsibility for this and resolve the issue and remove the missed payment from my credit file! As there was absolutely no reason why the payment won’t be collected by Virgin.

1. New bank details were updated 3 weeks prior to the payment due date.
2. There was funds in the account
3. I had no notification from my banking app to say the payment was attempted.
4. I had no contact from Virgin to say it was failed.

can anyone help with this as this is totally out of order? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Morning @bezza1 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of the issue with the credit file.

I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

Forum Team

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Looks like the forum team have already picked this up, but usually you can email details of the allegedly inaccurate entry to who should investigate on a 21day basis and instigate any corrections deemed necessary.

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