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Misold package by less than honest rep

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Previously I had broadband with Shell Energy but their broadband became unreliable and often the internet speeds were so slow the pages on ebay would not even load! They sent out engineers several times saying they had fixed the problem only for it to happen again and again! (Shell are charging me £224 for leaving before end of contract) Then a virgin media rep knocked at the door and convinced me to take on a full fiber package. I told the rep that I just want what I have now "my landline and steady internet speeds" he said your troubles will be over with full fiber (I have to admit the internet speeds are now excellent and reliable). He also offered me a mobile sim for any minutes/calls/text etc. for £3 a month which sounds great so I took that too. Then I got an email from O2 saying they couldn't process my payment for the sim so I called them. O2 offered to sort this payment out but it will cost me £11 per month instead of £3? I then noticed my landline stopped working and contacted the rep who sold the package to me. He said he would look into it? Did not hear back and my 14 day cool off period was almost up so I phoned virgin help line only to be told I can't have a landline in my area with full fiber (Apparently you can still have full fiber and keep your landline number with BT) I told the virgin help desk that my mother is nearly 90 and has an alarm fitted that relies on the landline working (in case she falls). I said there is no way in hell would I have signed this contract if I was told I would lose my landline! Why did the rep keep this quiet! I said I would like out of the contract please, but I was told I was several hours over the cool off period and could not get out of contract without heavy fines!  If my Mother falls and dies because she couldn't get help, will virgin media be held responsible?  Note: I've recently discovered that a neighbor was also duped into this full fiber package by not being told she would lose her landline. look out for these virgin media reps if you live in the Morecambe area. Hopefully someone from Virgin Media will see this and help!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi davidbanks,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community  😊

we're sorry there's been some confusion with the agreed package, I've popped you a private message to get a few more details from you.